Value addition and marketing in an errand business

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The ErrandRunner is a service provider that helps people in order to run transactions. However, the company restricts itself to morosity law due to the legality and specialization of the industry The following activities: snow plowing, House sweeping, Dog Walking, Dumping of garbage, House moving, car washing, Pick-up of dry cleaning, planting, watering plants. Since ErrandRunner is not very well known, the key tools and activities must be established that ensure customer loyalty, competitive advantage, and added value.
Emergencies require efficient communication and transport are part of the sales sector. An efficient communication system which will facilitate communication through phone calls, emails, alerts, and all other forms of communication among staff and clients. The ErrandRunner business must, therefore, ensure it has well-equipped transportation resources. For activities which involve the movement from one place to another to be executed on time, fast means of transport are needed to be available all around the clock. If they happen to be vehicles, they ought to be installed with navigation software to facilitate the process. Nevertheless, some of the activities may involve helping families to shift their homes and other heavy equipment hence the need for the appropriate vehicles. Also, the right tools and equipment used in everyday activities ought to be available such as cleaning equipment, mowing equipment, garbage disposal equipment, etc.

Since ErrandRunner is a service-oriented business model, the task-force is of crucial importance to the achievement of value delivery and customer satisfaction (Match). Since the business is expected to grow with time, it is highly likely that the business will hire more employees to assist in the extra work. However, employees should among other skills be courteous since the business involves dealing directly with clients. Only employees who can use the right language to make the customers feel safe with their indoor services such as babysitting should be considered. Depending on the nature of the tasks assigned to the business, the task force needs to be sufficiently conversant in various subjects or educated. If the client, for example, wants somebody to tutor their kids, an uneducated staff will not be appropriate.

Trustworthiness is paramount in the errand business (Long). For potential clients to be able to trust the staff with their houses, offices, pets, children, etc., they must be guaranteed of their safety. Therefore, a key consideration when hiring is to check the background and criminal history for potential employees. In addition to this, certifications such as health records and other accreditations should also be considered.

Among the key activities which can be adopted by ErrandRunner is ensuring that their services are well described to clients before the delivery process regarding the timelines and the procedures involved (Long). Ensuring that all services are delivered promptly will help avert any complaints and misunderstandings for enhanced customer satisfaction. However, sometimes accidents and delays are inevitable. Therefore is a need to ensure such unfortunate occurrences are well explained and if necessary, are adequately compensated. This will help foster a positive and respectful working relationship which will entice most customers to be repeat clients.

Another key activity is the application of effective feedback system in which the experiences, opinions, and ideas of clients are welcomed as this will facilitate positive criticism. In addition to this, there should be an effective conflict resolution through which the queries and complaints of the upset clients are resolved.

Part 2

According to Blackburn (57), errand businesses often thrive in rich neighborhoods, cities, and regions where the residents can comfortably afford such services. Therefore, the ErrandRunner business should be established in an area whereby most residents can afford the luxury. From a business perspective, the distribution channels and marketing campaigns should be more focused on the high and the high-middle neighborhoods for profitability. However, this does not necessarily mean that other regions should be ignored since some factors such as winter may push them to seek errand services. Regarding the distribution channels, the ErrandRunner should adopt a multichannel distribution approach and also incorporate technology to facilitate easy tracking of any goods in transit or any other form of communication to the client.

Internet use has in the recent past risen to astronomical levels, and many businesses have taken advantage to market their products and services with amazing results. Likewise, the ErrandRunner marketing team should implement an easy to navigate promotional website in which it showcases its services and costs. Another approach to enhancing distribution channels is the provision of brochures in clubs, spas, chamber of commerce, car rental shops, etc. This will improve business visibility hence attracting a larger market for the errand services. Needless to say, the business contacts should be clear and visible. Promotional products such as bags with the organization’s name can be strategically placed in gift shops to enhance customer awareness. Lastly, credibility sells in the errand business hence joining a professional body in the industry will not only increase market dominance but also heighten consumer confidence. Also, being a member of a professional group, the organization can keep up with the prevailing trends and network with other key players in the industry. An example is the International Concierge and Errand Association.

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