The Press Enterprise newspaper

The Press Enterprise newspaper was founded in 1869, but it wasn't until 1974 that it adopted its current moniker. Other two competing newspapers that had appeared during this time presented a threat to the newspaper at the time. When editor Judge J. and Confederate soldier William F. Bell released the first edition of Elizabethtown News, the newspaper's fame began to grow. The News-Enterprise was founded after the Elizabethtown News and the Hardin County Enterprise were combined into a joint title weekly. It then started producing a regular publication every Monday through Friday. The newspaper enterprise circulation had started providing quality news coverage and advertising services. Some publishers like Bowles who had served as the newspaper publisher since the beginning and he was succeeded by the Batten Frank, this lead to tremendous growth in the media and many programs introduced were successful (Dorf, 2016).

Transformation of Press Enterprise

Press Enterprise has undergone a lot of transformation since its creation, and it is one of the well-performing media which has undergone a tremendous growth. Many publishers lead to the good and improved performance of the Press enterprise Currently the new-enterprise newspaper provides the most detailed and important news, advertisement information, entertainment programs and. The News-Enterprise also offers a sizeable, growing printing and online audience and services. There is always a six-day print edition that the newspaper publishes an extensive information about different business segments. It also provides services such as web printing advertising graphic design, content designs and much more.

The Immigration Act of 1924

The immigration act of 1924 contained rules which were structured to limit the number of immigrants being allowed to enter the United States through the union of National Origins quota. Here the immigrants were provided visas by the quota, two percent of every of the total number of people in every nationality was only provided with the visas (Kassam, 2016). The act also provided a rule that aliens who by race or nationality was excluded from acquiring citizenship. The principles of the act could result in negative impacts of many European nations though because of many depressions that occurred in 1930s lead the enactment of this laws.

The 1924 Immigration Act and Current Policies

The main aim of this 1924 Immigration Act was to preserve the ideal with US policies. Just like the current state of America under Donald Trump government, the court still appeals for suspending visas from six Muslim countries. Trump administration has rewritten the order from the executive to better the legal scrutiny to change the earlier version. The main aim according to President Donald Trump was to prevent the terrorist attacks and enhance national security. However, a good number of opponents have made attempts to stop its enforcement, since it was targeting Muslim. They believed that it was more about Muslim ban than attempting to enhance national security (Margulies, 2017).

The Impact of the Muslim Ban

Currently, there are almost 350 million Muslims globally, and this has given importance of the introduction of Islamic education in schools. President Donald Trump said that the federal government could take the case to Supreme Court and he had presidential powers he had the order to issue the order to limit certain Muslim immigrants. This order has affected many Muslim countries such as Somalia, Iran, Libya, Sudan, Yemen, and Yemen. Historically, however, the America exceptional referred to a state where the American citizens were treated according to democratic ideals and personal liberty. Mostly these favors were derived from political institutions; the US has been considered racist, violent and bad this is due to its intolerance towards the Muslims. By the 20th century, the federal government had advanced his role in immigration since the immigrants were found out to be uneducated and with little finance (Darboe, 2003). The Congress that was held in 1965 led to a major change since the Immigration and Nationality Act was passed and signed by President Lyndon Johnson. The executive order which was titled protecting the nation of America from foreign Terrorists into the US led to tremendous change in American's view about Muslims. The Muslim ban was referred to executive order 13659 though it was not successful it lowered a larger number of refugees entering the US.

The Importance of Newspapers

The newspaper plays an important in a role of reviewing what happens in the past and comparing it with the current situation of the same event. The newspaper continues to be a source of information and can be used as a source of references. Newspapers provide a wide range of many topics and confirm their findings. Press-Enterprise Newspaper is also critical since they provide various educational programs and enhance public knowledge about the importance of media and help each generation to be updated. Through the comparison made between the past and present, the newspaper helps in making good decisions and making improvements since it provides full information about each event. News-Enterprise is a perfect example of a newspaper that has great value and contains articles with a long history. The value of history depends on the lifespan of the history that it holds.


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