Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami Recovery

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General Purpose: To educate the public about the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami recovery efforts.
Specific Goal: At the conclusion of my message, my audience would Central Idea: Tohoku was able to recover from the earthquake and tsunami thanks to contributions from numerous countries, private donations, and support from non-governmental organizations.
Following the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Tohoku, Japan experienced a humanitarian disaster that had far-reaching consequences for the region. Over 300,000 refugees required shelter and basic necessities, and over 15000 deaths had caused considerable sorrow in the region. Recovery was aided by help from several governments, corporate donations, and assistance from non-governmental organizations.
A. The governments from other countries offered financial, medical and other forms of humanitarian assistance. Source: (Aoki web).
1. These funds were used to provide food, clothing, medical help, and shelter for the survivors (Aoki web).
2. Currently, there are numerous walls, roads and other infrastructure that has allowed the region to recover (Aoki web).
3. People have gone back to their homes.
Non-governmental organizations were willing to work with governments in providing the needed aid.
B. Further help was obtained from non-governmental organizations that provided humanitarian aid and other forms of help (Ford and Provost web).
1. Funds were used to help the survivors recover their lives.
2. For example, the Japan Center for International Exchange donated $746 million.
3. These funds have been used to redevelop the region.
Corporations also came in and offered all forms of help in addition to giving their condolences.
C. Corporate donations came from various multinationals and these were utilized in helping the victims. (Chin, web).
1. These funds and donations have helped orphans, the old and all people to gain comfort in some areas.
2. For example, Softbank donated phones to orphans and promised to pay for schooling for orphans.
3. Samsung gave clothes and communication equipment.
The recovery efforts after the tsunami and earthquake in Tohoku have been successful because of efforts from various governments, corporations and non-governmental organizations. These funds have been utilized in recovering the region and helping the people gain comfort.

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