Essays on Geology

Limestone and Conglomerate in Contact

Conglomerate and limestone are both sedimentary rocks but of different kinds, and though it is possible that they could be found in contact with each other, the possibility of finding them in contact is very low because of the difference in the ways the two types of rocks minerals are...

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Unconformities and Radiometric Dating

Radiometric dating is a scientific method geologist utilize to estimate the age of rocks. Rocks contain tiny amounts of radioactive materials. Over time the radioactive material breaks down into more stable substances in a process called radioactive decay.  This process happens at a constant rate depending on the type of...

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Earthquake and Volcanic Activity

The occurrence of earthquakes from the map plotted is in specific regions especially at the edges of plates. Earthquakes occur in this places because of the constant movement of plates. Earthquakes from the map plotted to follow a detectable arrangement which is on the edges of plates where they collide as...

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The Importance of Geotechnical Investigations in the Construction of a Building

The Construction Challenges The construction of concrete buildings in areas with structural challenges is difficult. Thus, the ongoing report incorporates theoretical applications of building and construction technology to help address the inadequacies presented by the area selected for construction. Inadequate analysis and investment into a construction site might compromise the structural...

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The Risk of Mudslide in Clackamas County

In our ways of life, we go through a lot of risks. In numerous methods companies, markets, and peoples are managed by the view of, and the prospect of jeopardies. Dangers impact how exploratory or conventional an individual selects to be in a particular exertion (Council, 2005). Precisely, risks are...

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Martin Luther king

Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation Martin Luther was an Augustinian monk and a Christian philosopher whose writings inspired the Protestant Reformation and had a significant influence on the beliefs of many different Christian traditions. I was born in Eisleben in 1483, and after becoming a German monk, I started one...

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Lisbon earthquake

What did Malagrida think was the reason for the Lisbon earthquake? Did he predict that the metropolis would face more disasters? Can you locate any potential solutions to the city's misery in his pamphlet from which Lisbon citizens might have found solace? Compare Malagrida's and John Wesley's perspectives on Lisbon's situation...

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The Mind of an Age'

The Mind of an Age The fourth chapter of the book, titled "The Mind of an Age," explores the various ideas that people in the 18th century had about earthquakes and other natural catastrophes that were incredibly destructive. During this time, scientific thought began to expand more widely, which was accompanied...

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The Short Story: U.F.O in Kushiro by Haruki Murakami

Haruki Murakami's "U.F.O in Kushiro" and its Inspiration Haruki Murakami drew inspiration from actual occurrences surrounding the 1995 earthquake in Japan for his short story "U.F. O in Kushiro." According to reports, the traumatic incident claimed the lives of several residents of the Kobe region of contemporary Japan. Despite the distressing...

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The United States Wages Cold War in Latin America by Stephen G. Rabe

The Killing Zone: The United States Wages Cold War in Latin America, by renowned scholar Stephen G. Rabe, provides a detailed account of what happened in Latin America during the Cold War era. The book is widely praised for its in-depth analysis and criticism of the US government's then-regional policies....

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The Last Days

Since nothing comparable had ever happened in Europe, the Lisbon earthquake of 1755 was not a typical natural catastrophe. When compared to previous tremors, the earthquake, in Shrady's opinion, was more than just a simple ground trembling. Other things like religion and philosophical beliefs were affected. It was a more...

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Serpentine Control of Biology

Serpentine soil is made up of worn ultramafic rocks. These rocks are brought to the earth's surface by either tectonic uplift or erosion of material above the ophiolite. Because of the mineralogy and forces at work in the physical and chemical environment that constitutes metamorphism, the rocks are further classified...

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