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The title of the episode, Rab and Ble, comes from the fusion of the names of the two main characters. The primary characters are the rabbits and the sheep. The first part of the title, Rab, is a condensed version of “Rabbit,” the main character of the episode. The second tone, ‘Ble,’ is a truncated version of ‘Bleat,’ a sound created by the sheep.
Both rabbits and sheep are domestic animals. However, in this episode, the two characters are the pets of an old woman who lives with her grandson in Florida.It is essential to note that both the woman and her grandson are minor characters in the show. Rab (Rabbit) is a naughty character that always gets in trouble. On the other hand, Ble (Sheep) is humble, innocent but stupid. Whenever Rabbit makes a mistake at home, Ble is enjoined in the punishment. The woman in the show, Mrs. Morgan is a strict and conservative white lady who sells antique gramophones in her shop. The grandson, Peter, is a four-year old who likes being around her grandmother. Since Mrs. Morgan has no babysitter or house-help, she is forced to go with Peter to work. However, Mr. Morgan leaves Peter at home occasionally especially when she has a busy schedule.

The theme song

The theme song is a tune whose lyrics are a mixture of ridicule, sorrow, and naughtiness. The guitar and drum are the major instruments that create the background sound for the song. The notable sections of the lyrics describe how the naughty character of Rab causes suffering to Ble, but the latter has the little intellectual capacity to make own decisions. The words of the song are presented with cartoon-effects, making it appropriate for an audience that is predominantly comprised of young children.

The setting

The show is the living room of Mrs. Morgan. However, some scenes for this show are set on Mrs. Morgan’s backyard. The choice of the setting is mainly to capture the main events that the playwright intends to describe the characters. The dominant characters reside in Mrs. Morgan’s house, and the playwright finds the building to be an effective place to set a realistic story. The setting is also important because it helps maintain the flow of the story by recording the dawn to sunset events that build the show.

Topics to be covered

This show covers various topics that are of interest to children. For instance, the notable topics include friendship, honesty, irresponsible parentage and personalities. To begin with, the playwright emphasizes on the theme of friendship because of the relationships that exist in Mrs. Morgan’s house. For instance, Rab rides on deception to be the perceived “favorite” pet in the house. Despite the numerous cases in which Rab finds himself in trouble, Ble is branded as the “bad one” because he is stupid and cannot defend himself against the numerous accusations leveled against him in several instances. However, Rab is cunning and in most cases gets away with his mistakes. Rab is an embodiment of bad friendship because he lays blame on his ally Ble when Mrs. Morgan discovers a mistake concealed by the main characters. On the other hand, Ble represents good friendship because, despite the drama that Rab causes, he does not report him to Mrs. Morgan.

Another theme that the writer of the show focuses on is personalities. The attitudes and personal attributes of the characters dominate the entire show. Rab’s personality is both advantageous and disastrous in Mrs. Morgan’s house. Rab is both funny and supportive with the light house chores, something that makes him likable to Mrs. Morgan. However, the naughty attributes also result in trouble-making incidents which make some evenings less peaceful when Mrs. Morgan gets back home from work. On the other hand, Ble’s personality is both dull and lazy. Ble is slow in thinking and always forgets to complete her tasks on time. His lack of attention to detail often lands him in trouble as Mrs. Morgan is a perfectionist who always wants tasks to be done expediently.

The third theme that arises in the show is poor parentage. Peter’s parents stay in New York and rarely check on their son. As such, Peter is exhibited as a lonely child that lacks the love of his parents. On the same note, in a few incidents, Mrs. Morgan forgets to prepare Peter his food, prompting him to share meals with the two pets. Besides, the prolonged stay with Ble makes Peter develop an allergy against sheep fur, an aspect that makes Ble feel unwanted in the family. The fact that there is a little focus to educate and take good care of Peter builds up poor parentage as a solid theme in the play.

In conclusion, the show, Rab, and Ble are both entertaining and educative to the young audience. The show is also appropriate for an older audience as it is entertaining. The show is an eye-opener that is geared towards giving insights to parents on the activities that take place in their houses when they are not at home.

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