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Armenia is the identified global ecosystem for Apple Inc. The features of the emerging global economy shall contain the following. First, Apple is going to grow well in a world that is economically secure. A country of good governance increases the productivity of the enterprise by increasing the production process (Jinjin, 2013). Moreover, an economically prosperous world encourages the likeness of Apple and its brands in the minds of its retailers and customers. Second, the country is seeing dynamic lifestyle changes. Due to a dynamic shift in requirements, Apple can consistently reinvent and adapt to the new climate. Third, the economy of the world is stable. The high purchasing power in Armenia will increase the sale of Apple products. Fourth, the country has lower investment and market barriers. This gives Apple Inc. an opportunity to enter into the potential market.

The barriers that exist in the new global environment include culture and language. The company finds it hard to navigate the language barriers when customers send emails and make phone calls. The company will experience ineffective marketing campaign due to the cultural difference. The second barrier is legal protection. Citing Keillor (2013), the existence of poor legal protection to foreign firms is a concern to the company. The third barrier is competition from the existing companies. Apple faces stiff rivalry from Microsoft and Oracle.
The company will overcome the challenge of competition by employing differentiation strategy. Apple Inc. will have to create distinctive and innovative designs that will increase the artistic look of the products thus differentiating them from the competitor’s. Regarding the cultural and language barriers, the firm will have to hire locals that will help with translation and learning of the culture (Khan, Alam & Alam, 2015). Lastly, with the legal protection, Apple will have to resort to fair and effective dispute settlement methods.


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