The Story about Caroline Brown

Caroline brown, 33 years, used to be born Hollywood California in 1983. They later moved to south central Los Angeles where she and her family spent 11 years. Later they moved to Pearland, Texas the place they stayed for 22 years. By spending, much of her young adult lifestyles in Texas made Brown appreciate the quite life in Pearland. Since they moved from area to place, when she was young, it was difficult for brown to evaluate the two lifestyles.
Brown attended Pearland middle school and graduated from Pearland high school. The education experience was eventful filled with each adventurous and sad memories. Brown loved sports is excessive school especially table tennis. Following the graduation, Ms. Brown has been in the medical field for 11 years. Brown spent in medical surgery and 6 years in postpartum. Brown enjoys her medicine practice because she has always had an interest with the medical field. Brown has comes from a family of five comprising of mother, father, one sister and one brother. Brown also has a daughter aged 8 years. They all have had a normal family interaction. Although, occasionally they would have sibling fights, they still valued their family ties. The lowest point of Brown’s life is when she lost the father in 2011. However, mother still lives in Houston, Texas. The other addition into the family is a Shih Tzu dog named Bailey. Brown’s favorite hobbies include movies, basketball and seafood. The nature of Brown’s work allows her to involve in community work, which she likes. However, Brown dislikes ignorance and pride especially when working. Lastly, Brown enjoys taking random trips to different sites just to enjoy the gift of nature. Brown’s values stem from her Christian background and strive to spread love to those around. As a medical practitioner, Brown aims to start an organization of her own to assist those in need of immediate surgical care.

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