“The Snowshoeing Artist Making Mountains Even More Beautiful.”

Image “The Snowshoeing Artist Making Mountains Even More Beautiful.” Outside Online. N.p., 2017. Retrieved from Web. 19 Nov. 2017.
Simon Beck
Simon Beck is regarded as the world’s first and most well-known snow artist. Simon Beck earned his bachelor’s degree in engineering from Oxford University. He did not follow this career, however, and instead chose to become a cartographer. Beck went skiing in December 2004 and came up with the concept of drawing a star on top of a frozen lake near his home (Beck 1). Beck had a sense of orientation and in combining it with his passion for physical and outdoor activities he got the inspiration to develop a creation of snow. Afterwards, there was a light snowfall that covered his artistic creation. However, he came up with a more complex art. It was the inception of the snow art.

When Beck was still a child, most of his artistic creations were geometrical in nature. His drawings were from an inspiration by the snowflake by Koch and Beck advanced this skill over time to be more complex and sophisticated. The drawings by Beck often cover the size of an average 2 to 4 hectares that is an equivalent of 3 to 9 soccer fields (Beck 1). The drawings take him up to one day approximately 12 hours to be completed. He walks across the snow in snowshoes an average 28 kilometers.

Beck was a map maker at the time when he began snow art. He had a compass in his pocket and by plotting points using the compass, he was able to develop the giant star pattern. After a few years, Beck got an injury and could not continue to go skiing. He then decided to continue to create more snow art as a means of exercising his body and limbs (Beck 1). Since 2004 Beck has been increasingly developing complicated art designs during every winter season.

In an interview with Adel Peters, Beck explains that the art resulted from natural instincts. The point where Beck does his art was ideal for him since it is an area avoided by people. It is on top of a frozen lake and hence individuals are afraid of going on the frozen ice for fear of sinking into the lake underneath (Peters 1). The lake is approximately two thirds the size of a football field and hence was perfect with enough space to craft out a nice piece of art.

In the interview, Beck explains that initially, he used to create the designs in his head and then go out to the snow to draw (Peters 1). With time due to increasing complexity, Beck had to begin making designs on a piece of paper. Beck elaborates that his inspiration for the art is drawn from crop circles and significant other patterns of geometrical nature.

Crop circles have been in existence in the world for more than 30 years. The origin of the crop circles and the developers are not mostly known since most of them do not identify themselves and their work. There are over 10,000 circles in existence without an elaboration of who made them, and how they were made. Intrinsically thinking about the crop circles, it is obvious that an individual with such great creations would want recognition for their artwork (O’Connor 1). In addition, the individuals would require remuneration in finances for their great efforts from donations and well-wishers.

In the frozen lake top, Beck uses strings to make counts of his steps and also in the measurement of angles. Beck explains that in cases where the previous design he made is still visible, he uses it as a template (Peters 1). He iterates that the whole procedure would take him up to 11 hours. The work of art on snow is heavy work that is only to be destroyed by a snowfall or strong winds blowing overnight. Beck explains that working on the snow is not easy since it is very cold and risky while he works in the frozen ice on the lake.

Beck iterates that he finds it interesting to work on Lac Marlou due to the existence of the neighboring French Alps that offer a high position for taking the photos of his art. This is also near his apartment hence more convenient for him (Peters 1). However, the mountains at times give a huge shadow making it hard to make perfect shots. He intends to buy a drone that he could use to take the images at different angles. He explains that there is a local resort nearby that love the artwork and appreciate it.

Beck explains in an interview with Nicola Payne that his parents are proud of him for his accomplishments (Payne 1). His achievements are characterized by painstakingly fractals that are detailed and mandalas that span over 295 square feet. He iterates that it is his duty to traverse the world, to observe the beauty and hence enhance his creativity.

Beck and had an advantage when he began since he used to develop orienteering maps and hence his surveying and cartography skills were essential when he began the snow art creations. He iterates that he can create up to 31 murals every winter season and has approximately developed 210 since he began (Payne 1). Despite the fast disappearance of his work, he does not mind since he secures it with a photograph. The art that existed the longest was 8 weeks of a mandala in the Alps of France.

Beck elaborates that it is not an easy experience since there exist various challenges. His feet could get very cold at different times and the destruction of work he has just begun by wind wears him out. He explains that there are days he gets sunburns as well. However, an ideal temperature for his work is between -4 and -9 degrees, the presence of powder snow and no existing winds but calm weather (Payne 1).

The creations by Beck have a lot of fans globally and his Facebook page has more than 280, 000 fans. His art has been showcased in globally recognized art performances. Beck constantly looks for more experiences and is enthusiastic to develop more sophisticated art that creates awareness to the world on the environment (Beck 1).

The art by Beck portrays dedication and passion that his artistic work produces with the incorporation of tools that are not complex. Beck simply uses snowshoes a rope and orienteering compass that is magnetic (O’Connor 1). Similarities between the snow art by Beck and the as-complex and including the as-beautiful in the United Kingdom are artistic works that are inescapable. The work by Beck with their balance, attention degree perfection and beauty brings joy to art enthusiasts.

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