The Monster and his Feelings towards Victor

In chapters 11-17

The monster tells his story, displaying his extreme loathing for his creator, Victor. Victor, he claims, has only caused him grief and pain by creating him. The creature is seen as a monstrosity in chapters 11 and 12, and the humans he meets are harsh and abuse him. As a result, they beat him with rods and stones, and the reader cannot help but feel sympathy for the monster. The monster grows acquainted with his pains, and he is troubled by perplexity, which causes him to develop anger toward his creator. His hatred towards Victor intensifies when he sees his reflection in the water. He hates himself and becomes sure that he will never be happy. The reflection makes him see his face as being monstrous which only inspires disgust and fear (Shelley 34).

In chapter 13

The monster considers himself as an outcast and hates that he cannot be like the human beings.

In chapters 14, 15 and 16

The reader is able to tell how the monster hates his creator owing to his desires to revenge all the evilness that was done to him.

The monster develops rage and vows to bring havoc to mankind

Victor develops fury knowing that the monster will create destruction through its power. Indeed, the fact that the monster is considered as an outcast by the human beings has made him feel lonely and friendliness. He has problems in developing relationships with human beings due to his monster looks. However, the act of the monster bringing destruction to the human beings is not the right course of making him feel better. The havoc he brings will not change anything in his life but rather culminate into devastation and ruin. On the contrary, the monster should embrace himself even though he is different. In regard to the victor, he should find out ways of making the creature be acceptable to the society since he is the creator that brought him to life.

Elements of Romantic Era

An element of romantic era is seen in chapter 12 when the creature mirrors his life in the reflection of water. Through the reflection, the monster is sure that his looks will never bring him happiness. Besides, the monster dreams of learning the language of the cottagers in order to win his love. In 13, the monster is seeing to be content looking for knowledge that will help him in life and treasures the books from which he finds knowledge. Finding of knowledge depicts romantic era. Nature has helped in revealing the suffering that the monster goes through in his life of being a monster. Besides, the environment has assisted in portraying the gothic atmosphere which has significantly helped the reader to understand the monster’s feelings towards his creator, Victor.

Work Cited

Shelley, Mary. Frankenstein. St. Martins, 2000.

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