The protagonist of the novel “The Giver,” Lois Lowry, must have foreseen the link between the time he wrote it and the recent turns of events in 2018. The book is entirely focused on the philosophy of civilization and culture. For example, the author focuses on the trade-offs that occurred when Jonas’ culture chose Sameness over maintaining the importance of individual speech. With this in mind, the novel’s two basic facets of life are the value of a personality and the act of heroism (Lowry 12), and a young reader may recognize them in the present time. According to Lowry, in case that a person fails to experience pain in life, it a sure way that their individuality is devalued (13). Additionally, memories are vital because they sometimes amalgamate pain which awakens past experiences which elicit wisdom. Cumulatively, these events ate true prediction in 2018, in which the individuals are experiencing the external conflict amidst of them and the society which has resulted into pain.

Similarly, the author depicts the aspect of heroism, in which Jonas reside in a repressed society which does acknowledge the value and dignity of light of this, both Annemarie and Jonas expressed the act of heroism to risk their lives for the sake of saving people they love (Lowry 14). This act of heroism is a true prediction of 1993, which have been affirmed in the present ages. For example, we have Democrats and human activists in the society who have risked their lives to fight injustices committed to the civilians by the democratically compromised governments and other dictatorship regimes.


To conclude, it is visible that, in the novel “The Giver,” by Lowry, reflect the aspects of the lives which are visible in the present society. The value of the individual and the acts of heroism are two important aspects which a younger reader can identify in the present society. Therefore, these findings indicate that the author must have surely predicted what would have happened in the future.

Work Cited

Lowry, Lois. The giver. Vol. 1. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 1993.

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