The Contrast Between Islam and the West

The Western world (also called Occident) comprises various nations, regions and states in the Western Hemisphere. It typically includes most of North America, Europe and Oceania. In contrast to the Eastern world, the Western world is referred to as the Occident. Native Americans have long inhabited the western hemisphere.African American migrants came west to work in high-paying jobs
African American migrants began relocating to the North and West after World War I, taking advantage of new opportunities in the newly industrialized cities. In the mid-1910s, more than four hundred thousand African Americans left the Deep South to find high-paying jobs in the North. The migration is linked to worsening social and political conditions, but it also appears to have been driven by economic forces. Northern employers were facing a labor shortage and strong demand for their products.While the influx of immigrants was beneficial for African Americans, the relocation also caused many problems. For one thing, housing was difficult to find in many cities, and non-African American residents demanded strict segregation. The migrants were often forced to live in unwelcoming neighborhoods and faced a difficult time securing jobs. Moreover, most of the available work was industrial in nature, so African Americans faced the prospect of learning new trades and earning less than their white counterparts.Native Americans dominate the vastness of the American West
Native Americans once dominated the vastness of the American West, but they no longer did so. In the 19th century, Native American nations along the western plains engaged in armed conflicts with the United States government, known as Indian Wars. Some of the most famous conflicts were the Battle of Little Bighorn, the Sioux Uprising, and the Sand Creek Massacre. These conflicts lasted well into the early twentieth century.The Western region of the United States had a wide variety of climates and resources, which favored different groups. Native Americans in the area relied heavily on fishing and hunting for their food. Although these activities were often difficult and unpredictable, the abundance of food they consumed made them able to settle in sedentary villages. Their villages were centered in the western part of the United States, which included parts of Colorado, Utah, and Nevada.The Civil War decoupled slavery
In the years before the Civil War, slavery had been allowed in the western territories of the United States. However, it sparked controversy. The North and South had become increasingly divided since 1787 and many people in the North worried that the South would force its "peculiar institution" on the Union. The federal government sought to resolve this issue with compromises, but these often seemed one-sided.The Civil War changed the future of the American nation. It began as a struggle between slaves and their masters over the question of slavery. In the early years of the war, many slaves escaped to the North. Meanwhile, Union generals began enforcing contraband laws in southern territory.The expansion of federal power after the Civil War
The expansion of federal power after the Civil War was a result of the growth of the national government. Both the North and South adopted similar measures to ensure the survival of their nation, and most civilians resented the new powers, although most accepted the changes as the price of winning the war. Only the most hard-core political opposition refused to accept these changes as legitimate, and the Democrats remained the main force in opposition to Republican legislative initiatives.The war brought many changes to the federal government, and the changes were often unexpected. The threat of secession, for example, forced the federal government to adopt a centralized structure. Emancipation forced the federal government to assume more powers to ensure freedom in the postwar period, and Republican leaders did not give up their antebellum orientation. While most Northerners opposed the expansion of federal power, they also remained firmly committed to maintaining state sovereignty.The contrast between Islam and the west
The conflict between Islam and the West has dominated world history over the last millennium. It has also spurred armed resistance and subjugation. The contrast between Islam and the west is still very much alive, and the author argues that a non-political forum would be the best way to achieve a dialogue that is free from both sides' political agendas.The contrast between Islam and the west has been exacerbated by a recent spate of cartoon depictions of Muhammad. While the cartoons did little to damage the Muslim community's image in the Western world, they did draw attention to the problem of intolerance among Westerners. In addition, Western publics do not view Muslims as being respectful to women, and more than half of Muslim populations feel the same way.

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