The China Choice: Why We Should Share Power by Hugh White

Argument for Sharing Power

White argued that the United States should share power with China because there is a risk of future conflict between the two countries. The battle will be determined by the decisions these countries are ready to make in order to limit their ambitions and avoid irritating the other. However, by sharing power, it will be clear that China and the US will make mutual concessions in each other’s best interests. The competition between these countries makes it difficult to predict whether they will be willing to do business together in the future (White, Hugh). Sharing power will translate to offering solutions to problems in togetherness and thus ensuring a stable international order exists. Moreover, by sharing power, the United States and China will seek to exploit their military and strategic advantage after adequate consultation, guaranteeing a safe environment.

Rapidly Changing Identity and Status

White argued U.S. should share power with China because the identity and the status of the two countries are rapidly changing. Moreover, the two nations feel the same given their successes and failures over the past years. Despite the United States seeing China as a great power, it is clear that they have fought for this position for quite a long time now. However, it is not imperative to see the United States as a declining economy (White, Hugh). There is the possibility of China trying to reclaim what is theirs without seeking permission from the United States. On the other hand, the United States might be reluctant to grant them their hard-earned position. Therefore, it might or might not lead to a dispute but the two countries sharing power will minimize the chances of a conflict.

Work Cited

White, Hugh. The China Choice. 1st ed., Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2013.

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