Social science- Interpersonal spacing

A area of research that examines many social problems and relationships is social science. It covers socially relevant issues and recommends how to tackle those issues by taking average and normal steps. Project 1 of the research is focused on interpersonal spacing as a study field. This included the study of how near or far apart individuals are in whatever position they occupy. For the analysis, knowledge was gathered, interpreted and analyzed. Based on data interpretation and review, conclusions are made. A mere observation was the type of data collection used (Stern, 2005). It involved a participant observer, who was the researcher in this case. The researcher was required to walk casually in a way not threatening and reach two people they know and two people they do not know and stop at the most comfortable point. The researcher was required to give a probable estimate of space regarding inches and provide information. The researcher and his team based their observation regarding the distance from a known male and a known female and that of an unknown male and unknown female hence provide his findings in the form of an information sheet. Data analysis was therefore done in groups of six.

The study found that the interpersonal spacing is influenced by several factors like moods, circumstances, culture, age and sex among others (Kramer, 2001). From the analyzed data, it was found that the spacing from the known male and female was less compared to the spacing from the unknown male and female even though under varied inches. These were because of the above-mentioned factors. The general hypothesis is that interpersonal spacing varies in the measure due to factors like sex, age, mood, culture and circumstances in which people are found.


Kramer, M. (2001). Business communication in context. Upper Saddle River: Prentice Hall.

Stern, E. (2005). Evaluation research methods. London: SAGE.

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