Social Construction of Race

The paper goes into greater detail regarding the social construction of race and the principles of W.E.B. DuBois.
The first question is about social construction.
A person's race is assigned randomly, which ensures that they are not classified using biological terminology. As a result, racists attempt to explain their actions by citing pseudoscience. For example, the social construct considers skin color as an evolutionary response to the varying degrees of sun temperature in different parts of the world. As a result, they connect the relative fairness or darkness of the skin to the origin point. This is not biological, though, since certain people who high level of melanin as considered to their counterparts they call black. In some regions race is relative to class basing on the degree of education and amount of money one has. Question Two: Social PerceptionThe idea of social comparison hinges on the fact that one scrutinizes a particular idea about one or more people about the self. The social comparison theory is best explains the racial identity formation among bi racial individuals. The common social perception of race basing either on color, class or level of education does not correctly group people with a dual ethnic identity. Some biracial people feel lost and cannot develop a sense of self. Most they cannot identify themselves with one particular race. Question Three: Dubois ConceptsFrom the book the souls of the black, the veil is one of the predominant themes. The cover separates the whites and the African Americans. The separation is in such a way that the African Americans were the ones covered by the mask. It is from the veil that the blacks faced oppression. The veil was a form of abuse as well as an insight to the existence of the blacks. For double consciousness, he uses the concept in the book to show the plight of the African American. It is the feeling of having more than one social identity, which made it difficult for the Blacks to develop a sense of self. It is hard to be Black and American at the same time. DuBois uses the concept of color line to refer to the part that racism and race take in shaping the history of society. He uses the idea to understand the interrelation of race and class as a mode of domination as well as resistance.Question Four: Dubois Concepts The video outlines the concept of the veil since Eddie Murphy masquerades himself as a white so as he portrays the inequality in the society. He puts himself under the veil. video is matched to double consciousness because it demonstrates an African American who does not accept that he is African American. video is associated with the concept of color line since the speaker George Carlin uses color to explain his own opinion of the war. He talks regarding black, brown people, and white people. the video, they concentrate on the color to referring to the African American as black people as well as white people to refer to white Americans.

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