Should prostitution be legalized?

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As it is unethical and will raise sexually transmitted diseases, the notion of legalizing prostitution goes against the moral values and traditions of general society. While prostitution is contrary to my personal values, I believe that prostitution should be legalized for a variety of reasons in the United States. First, the concept of prostitution is criticized by many religious people and groups. In many, if not all, religions, prostitution is not tolerated. As such, the provisions of their teachings are the basis of many of their objections. The United States government, however, was not based on any religion. As such, criminalizing a job or practice from a religious point of view of what is moral or immoral should not be allowed in the country. Based on the fact that many people have different beliefs and ideologies, the government should not interfere with them by aligning the laws of the land with some of them. Likewise, the choices made by an informed adult should not be criminalized as long as they do not encroach on the rights of others. The concepts of a willing buyer and a willing seller are applied in this context where both parties agree on the trade of a service and both of them benefit from the exchange. The business involves willing participants, and as long as it does not interfere with the rights of unwilling participants, it should not be banned.
Secondly, I dispute the argument that since prostitution increases the risk of spreading infectious diseases such as HIV, sex trade should be banned. The case is based on the misplace presumptions that by making prostitution illegal, the number of sex workers would reduce thus helping in the fight against such diseases. Prohibiting the trade would not remove it from the streets. As history tells us, prostitution has been practiced years before the present day civilization, and over those years there have always been willing sellers and willing buyers. In addition to this, the fact that sex trade is taking a new face with the advent of superior technologies such as the internet and mobile applications means its market is only getting bigger. As such, banning the trade would only increase the risks taken by the parties involved and may result in the harassment or intimidation of prostitutes. However, by legalizing the act, prostitutes would enjoy increased protection and access to health care services that would promote a safe practice of their profession.
Additionally, criminalizing prostitution means that the country will have to spend more resources setting up specialized law enforcement units specialized in stopping or reducing the trade. Committing law enforcement agents to the enforcement of such laws is both costly and time-consuming. It will be a waste of precious law enforcement resources and taxpayers_x0092_ money on minor issues that do not demand such attention. In fact, rather than spending these resources attempting to stop a freely conducted trade, they could be invested in other sectors of our economy such as education and healthcare which would have far-reaching benefits to the society.
Therefore, what I think about prostitution that it is a trade between two willing adult parties and no one should be permitted to interfere it. Additionally, the business should not be illegal, but it needs to be regulated. Sex workers should be required to get monthly STDs tests and should only be allowed to practice safe sex. Lastly, saving precious law enforcement time and money would reduce other crimes and save taxpayers money.
What constitutes a healthy relationship?
A healthy relationship constitutes of many things. The two core factors of any relationship are mutual respect and trust. A relationship would never be built without mutual connection, whether it is love, business or merely a friendly relationship. Respect is a core key when dealing with any person. Therefore, it has to be consistently present in any relationship. On the other hand, without trust, one would not be able to tell another person his or her secrets, share information, or even having a healthy communication. A relationship without trust would only stress the other party since they do not know if they are being cheated or not. It also would render any information coming from the untrusted party questionable which results in unnecessary and unhealthy tension in the relationship.
The making of healthy relations is however not limited to trust and mutual respect. Other factors such as good communication play essential roles. A healthy relationship should incorporate healthy communication practices where each party can openly and freely express themselves. Weak or inadequate communication results in people keeping their hurt or opinions to themselves which in return is a prerequisite for unhealthy relationships. In a healthy relationship, both parties should support each other and stand next to each other in hard times. People go through hard times, and on such occasions, they need someone who supports them.
Lastly, as people grow into their relationships, they should be able to tell if it is healthy or unhealthy. It is evident that if a person is stressed out, unhappy, untrusted and not talked to he or she is in a bad relationship. A person in a good relationship one should be excited to spent time with his or her partner. They also would enjoy doing activates together and feel secure and comfortable in each other_x0092_s company. Both parties should happily express themselves to one another without fear of being adversely judged since the relationship is based on respect and trust.

Is there a guideline to how long you should be with someone before sleeping with them?
Sleeping with someone after the first or second dates appears to be fun and strengthen the relationship, at least this is how it is portrayed in most Hollywood movies. However, sleeping with someone after the first or second date does not seem to be right for me based on several reasons. Firstly, people are sophisticated. They have different thought, beliefs, interests, and habits. It is almost impossible to discover a person from only a few weeks together. Sleeping with someone just because they look attractive is a universal desire, but knowing the mentality of that beautiful person is in most cases a turn-off. The attractiveness of a person drives us to be interested in knowing them and sleeping with them. However, sleeping with them should always come after knowing them since their personality could make us hate and disregard their attractiveness. Partners should have enough time together to know each other and be comfortable with each other.
Secondly, having sex with someone that we barely know could have a negative impact on us. A relationship that initiates with sex would always be depended on sex. Furthermore, that type of relationship would probably not last that long because physical attraction does not always last forever and such a relationship lacks critical foundational elements. Frequently being in such relations results in a person becoming what is referred to as a _x0093_game player_x0094_ where the individual changes partners repeatedly in the quest for the most attractive one. Over time, this person might find him or herself alone with no real partner their experiences.
Lastly, sex would be more enjoyable with a person whom one has spent a considerable amount of time and effort to court. Having sex after the first date would not feel as much of an achievement compared to having sex with someone that you have spent considerable time and effort in trying to know them. Hard things to get are the worthiest things to keep. Sleeping with someone after a decent period of courtship would make sex only another new element to strengthen the relationship more. In addition to this, the relationship would not be heavily depended on sex, since that both partners took their time to know and understand each other. Therefore, I don_x0092_t think that there is a specific amount of time needed before someone sleeps with their partner. However, I believe that knowing the person is a vital thing before having sex.

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