Role of mothers in the book The Stranger

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In the novel The Outsider, the main character Meursault “opened himself to the gentle ignorance of the world,” he uses his unusually optimistic time to discover his surroundings; he has no respect for women and judges them based on their looks. When we look at the friendship between Marie Cardona and Mersault, the speaker reveals the latter’s actions toward women. Her outward appearance appeals to him more; hence he is attracted to her, but he has no regard towards her character because Meursault does not believe he can ‘love’ the woman “…she asked me if I loved her. I told her I didn’t think so”. Despite the incapability of interest from him, Cardona continues to find a way to make him fall in love with her; she laments how she is drowned towards him because of his peculiarity. But she later realizes that Mersualt was not showing interest in, her and she ends the relationship. In the above text, shows women as a symbol of love and change, they carry the role of transforming or influencing the life of the main character through emotional connection and transformation. Though Meursault does not see the importance of love, Marie Cardona continues to be persistent with him to accept and marry her. And ones she was unable to pursue her “role” she gives up on pursuing the latter.

Women generally are perceived as being who can display and express their emotions with openness, which is an attribute that the protagonist in the book lacks. In reference to the stranger, women play or symbolize the role of society in the existence of men. The ability of the woman to express her emotions and feelings make her no “stranger” to society. That has made it difficult for the main character to relate and engage with women, (who represent the nation) because of lack of skills in engaging and his negative attitude towards women and the community. Thus his relationship with women like Marie Cardona reflects his connection to the rest of the society.

The robotic woman sitting of Celeste who sits at Meursault’s table acts a representative who acts as a link between the latter and the rest of the world. She creates a perfect narrative that the audience or the reader can engage with in order to better understand the nature or behavior of Meursault who appears “abnormal” for many people because of his weirdness and negative attitude towards life. Because of the importance of the robotic woman and her role as a bridge between the thought of the character and his audience it is incredible how Meursault’s ideological beliefs and standing are being understood by the rest of the society. Thus the role of the robotic woman of acting as a link symbolizes the importance of women in the community and their ability to arbitrate or mediate conflicting parties or people who do not understand each other.

In the book, women are perceived as robots, at an instance Meursault follows the woman, and because of his curious nature, he wonders why the woman walks and moves in the forward direction very first and how to survive with that kind of movement and body structure. The author introduces robot-woman in the book to signify her importance in depict or illustration that all can be the same but we have distinct characteristics.

The Meursault Investigation.

In the above book women play the role of mothers, to their sons whom a majority and proud of tier sons from taking part in the war, they encourage and protect their boys from the enemies. The women are considered to a central figure on The Meursault Investigation a book by Albert Camus. The beginning of the story begin with the death of Camus provoking indifference in her child, becomes Harun’s “mother.” The role of the mother is portrayed by her struggle on finding out of where the body of her son was and what lead to her death; she moves to Europe for her quest and finds a woman. And she quarrels with her as she hurls insult at her thinking she was Meursault’s grandmother. Her anger and pain of losing her child trigger her emotions to “kill” Joseph in retribution for the death of Musa “She is omnipresent and suffocating, punishing him for being alive and at the time trying to prevent him from suffering the same fate as his brother.”

The women in Algeria played an integral role as unifying or equalizing factor among the “honorable” men of Algeria, who laminated that if they lose their livestock and land to the French, all they will be left with are their women “Defend our women and their thighs! I tell myself that … losing their land, their wells, and their livestock, women were all our guys had left.” Conversely, one may keen to observe the sentiments of Musa who claims “Zubida” who the narrator alleged to be Raymond mistress, but the latter explained that she was not the girlfriend of Raymond, but he ended up dying defending her honor. Here the role of a sexual object of women is illustrated by the author to translate the ideological representation of feminism during the war in Algeria.

After gaining independence from the French the women of the new Algeria represent hope for the future, both girls and boys are given a fair chance to education which was not the case during the struggles. The new education system targeted at eradicating illiteracy is perceived by the author a new tool for promotion of social reforms that will eliminate the discrimination target against women. This is evident when Harun, laments that her type of when is no longer available “her type of women has disappeared,” is complaining about the availability of women. Like Meriem, have been overtaken by the modern era, educated young woman, who is more conversant with their religion, economy, and politics of the new country.

Musa’s mother is taking the role of a “country” when signifies great responsibility upon the woman. In the book, the latter is seen as the French (mother) cold and distant, and Algeria as oppressive and close; these attributes of these two countries resembles the characteristic of Musa’s mother. Who dresses Harun with Musa’s cloth and makes him move around the country to track down Meursault in order to get detailed information regarding the death of his son, Musa. Just as Algeria home and oppressive from the colonialist the mother is also considered harsh and complicated because of her taught actions and stands which have been cultivated by her desire to uncover the death of her son Musa.

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