This paper is intended to agree with Hoffman’s four components of skepticism, which include message distrust, messenger distrust, mistrust among the elucidations that are being given, and wariness in the manner in which the message is created.
I identify with Hoffman’s assertion that the controversy on climate change has culminated in regulatory protocols and price controls. This is related to skepticism about the resolutions proposed in the global change dialogue. This is due to the fact that the theories given are confusing, resulting in schisms within the communities. For instance, the case of market controls has resulted in the society believing that climatic variation is a market externality that prerequisites the involvement of the government.
Moreover, there is uncertainty amongst the environmentalist who all take part in ensuring that the environment is sound and sustainable. Hoffman’s statement about the environmentalist using the discussion in benefiting their selves and trying to diminish the economic growth of the states is true. He quoted “environmentalists are like watermelon: red inside though green outside so they resemble the behaviors of communism and socialism.” The quote clearly describes the characters of those in power to ensure that the environment is conserved and sound. They are several actors which include the politicians and several others.
Also, there is vagueness in the process of how the message is being developed and conveyed to the society. There is biasness in the message being developed and that is conveyed to the society due to the unpredictable repercussions of what environmental change presents. Hoffman’s argument is true due to the biases in the messages being developed. For instance, there are theories that explain environmental change yet not everybody believe in the theories. In addition, this is linked with how the messages are being conveyed to the people. Nobody will believe any theory about climatic change if there is no evidence in proving that.

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