Request for Proposal for Hardware Solutions for Electronic Health Records

To satisfy the deadline for the procurement board's initial approval, all RFP replies must be received electronically by close of business (5:00 PM) -5GMT on July 19, 2017. Any bidders who intend to submit a proposal must submit an electronic response with any questions about the RFP by July 10th, 2017 to [email protected]. Please take note of the RFP specifics before submitting offers for the tender, including critical dates, hardware requirements, technical requirements, and supplementary support requirements. Summary of company’s background information

California Medical Center is a medical institution that offers general and specialized treatment to patients. The hospital has 30 full time medical personnel and handles an average patient population of 100 people daily. The goal of the institution is to offer specialized ad high quality medical care for its patients. The intention of the company to develop an electronic health records system that would integrate the roles of the registrar, nurses, laboratory, physician and specialized doctor prescription and medication to track the medication of the various patients treated within the facility. Such warrants the request for proposal for the electronic health records by California Medical Center.

Important dates




Issue of RFP

5th, June, 2017

Intent to Respond due

8th, June, 2017

Responses Posted

10th, June, 2017

RFP Responses due

15th, June, @017

Vendor of Choice selected

19th , June, 2017

Requirements that the hardware supplier is to support

The first major requirement to be supported by the supplier is the ability to deliver the three major hardware requirements prior to being paid for the delivery. The three major hardware requirements include the work station, PC computers and laptop computers. The hardware suppliers also need to have a proven history and track record of supplying hardware equipment to be used in the hospital facility for the running of the electronic health records (Carter & American College of Physicians (2003- ), 2008). Third, the hardware requirements being offered by the supplier need to be authentic and have proof of being original with all valid documentation, warranty documents and commitment to service the hardware during the warranty period.

Technical requirements

The PC computers and laptop computers need to have fast processor, of core i5 and above to and have the ability to support the electronic health record system being used in the medical facility. Additionally, the quality of the hardware needs to be high with preference being granted to the Lenovo and IBM computers owing to their proven capability of supporting the system in other medical facilities. The computers need to have a processing capacity of at least 2.6 GHZ to ensure that they do not hang during use by the required personnel. The workstation needs to be able to carry the necessary hardware such as the fax machine, printers, PC computer and the laptop computers to be used in the project.

Marketing Collateral

Each company responding to the RFP needs to present a brochure with the instructions on how the hardware can be used, fixed and installed. Additionally, the brochures should bear the prices and the merits and disadvantages of the purchasing the device. The information in the brochures are crucial in enabling the management to make a more informed decision on what would be ideal for the hospital facility. A brief video on how the hardware works can also constitute the marketing collateral that the companies bidding through the RFP can attach with their quotation to enable the management make a more informed decision

Any Supporting document

The other supporting documents that the companies presenting proposals under the RFP need to attach include the certificate of incorporation, tax compliance certificate and the company profile. The company profile is crucial in informing the client of the clients who have been served by the company including the type and nature of assignments that have been handled by the interest firms (Amatayakul, Lazarus & Medical Group Management Association, 2005). The medical facility needs to work with companies that are tax compliant in line with the regulations on RFP within the United States of America. A document asserting the financial soundness of the company. Such may enable the management of the comoany to affirm the capability of potentially successful company to handle the project once issued with the contract.

Selection process

The selection process incorporates stages such as demonstrations, presentations, testing and installation of the software to the PCS. As such, the shortlisted companies are to accompany their application with a brief video on how the hardware works and how the installation process of the EHR can be done using their system. The selection process is also to be competitive and to be based on the prices and quality of the products. The prices of the products must be competitive and meet the technical requirements of the hardware, such as durability and processing speeds of the PCS.


Amatayakul, M., Lazarus, S. S., & Medical Group Management Association. (2005). Electronic health records: Transforming your medical practice. Englewood, Co: Medical Group Management Association

Carter, J. H., & American College of Physicians (2003- ). (2008). Electronic health records: A guide for clinicians and administrators. Philadelphia: ACP Press.

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