Recruitment of Employee

The Three Stages in Recruiting

The three stages in recruiting may be measured from the viewpoint of an EEO investigator, according to how a portion of the workers discriminates. It is good to see why such groups such as minorities are not taken into account in recruiting. In his 2014 evaluation of the process of hiring a company, Levashina, Hartwell, Morgeson & Campion argue that the reasons why people bring legal proceedings against it may be of interest. The importance to the position could also trigger disappointment with the evaluation criteria.

The Education Prerequisite for the Job

To determine whether a person has a basic education prerequisite for the job, the examination for the high school or diploma certificate is required. Although the diploma certificate may appear unrelated to a driver's role and responsibilities, the position involves handling of crucial documents. Thus, it will test the ability of an individual to undertake the assigned duties.

The Paper and Pencil Test

However, the paper and pencil test covers the ability of an applicant to accomplish tasks under tight working conditions. Moreover, it ascertains an individual's education level thereby providing insights on the ability to deliver the documents to the clients. Thus, test one is not necessary for the role as it will only disadvantage people without a diploma but can pass the test two and test three (Levashina, Hartwell, Morgeson & Campion, 2014). The third test is very relevant to the post since anybody who undergoes a driving test must be given a driving license. Moreover, the company cannot incur an additional cost of processing a license for their recruits.

Avoiding Discriminatory Hiring Practices

To avoid such challenges in future hiring activities, Tim must ensure that process the company adopts is not discriminatory. Moreover, he must ascertain that all the interviewees are subjected to the same standard of testing. No preferential treatment should be given to a group of recruits (Santos, 2016). Tim could also borrow ideas on employee hiring from similar companies.


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  • Santos, G. G. (2016). Career barriers influencing career success: A focus on academics' perceptions and experiences. Career Development International, 21(1), 60-84.

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