100 Unique Quantitative Research Paper Topics

Every month, a group of terrified students starts looking for good quantitative research paper topics. Some of them want to be done with this annoying college task as soon as possible while others are genuinely hopeful to investigate something relevant. In both cases, the question is, where to find great topics? First of all, let’s make sure you understand what quantitative research is. It’s an essay where you analyze numerical data to find meaningful patterns, prove some point, and present results to your readers.

Assignments like this teach students how to analyze information and understand what numbers are telling you. It’s a useful skill to have, especially if you plan on continuing your education for years to come. Choosing topics is one of the central problems, but our top educational blog experts have a few tips that could help you out.

Ways of Looking for Quantitative Research Ideas

How to make sure you don’t make a mistake when selecting research topics for your paper? As it was mentioned, there are several strategies that usually assist students regardless of what subject they study. Here are four major ones.

  • Understand the difference between quantitative & qualitative research. Before you proceed with your paper, ascertain that you have a clear idea of what your goal is. Students confuse qualitative research with quantitative, so they end up making a fundamental mistake and choosing the wrong topic. For avoiding it, dig up some definitions. Check what these research types entail, look at examples, or even go through some tests. Only when you realize the difference should you focus on the paper itself.
  • Choose a subject you like. No matter how serious your project must be, it is better to conduct it on quantitative research topics that you find interesting. Students rarely succeed if they investigate a boring or uninspiring issue because in this case, they have no motivation. When a paper is a chore, getting a good grade for it is nearly impossible. So, think about stuff that you wouldn’t mind researching. For example, if you are a part of the LGBTQ community, you could explore the rates of hate crimes committed against local LGBTQ members to point out how destructive the problem of homophobia still is. Whether you are interested in health, literature, computers, or anything else, you could turn this into solid quantitative research — all you need is creativity and imagination.
  • Assess topics objectively. It is always better to search for quantitative research topics examples and check how possible it would be to explore them before you make a final choice. Some students might want to investigate rates of specific diseases in Nigeria, but what if the data are unavailable? Not everything could be found online, and in numerous cases, you won’t be able to request information from hospitals or other sources. That’s why you need something that you could research and get numbers on.
  • Find enough sources & clarify with a professor. Students should look for sources that will help them support their work. In addition, they should ask their professors questions in case they feel uncertain about their direction. Quantitative projects usually take lots of time, so you should make sure you’re on the right track before committing to any topic.

Your List of Quantitative Research Topics

Students can always benefit from extra help. To let you have a variety of quantitative paper topics, we’ve prepared this list with 100 diverse ideas. Try them out! Use them right the way you see them or edit them until they meet your demands.

Nursing Quantitative Research Papers Topics

Healthcare is always relevant, especially these days when COVID is sowing panic among populations from all countries. These examples of quantitative research titles will allow exploring some of these issues.

  1. Analyze the Effectiveness of Current COVID Treatments
  2. Getting COVID For the Second Time: How Often Does It Happen & What Could Be Derived From Such Statistics?
  3. Pick Any Hospital Where Management Changed: Did It Become More Effective in Providing Treatment?
  4. How Deadly Is Cancer For Us Now as Opposed to Data From Before?
  5. Group the Most Common Triggers of Panic Attacks
  6. How Often Does Neglect in One’s Childhood Lead to Problems with Health in Adults?
  7. Analyze Effectiveness of Hypnotics: How Often Does It Help?
  8. Cases Insomnia Resultув in Accidents at the Workplace.
  9. What Other Health Issues Are Populations Suffering From Phobias Likely to Have?
  10. CT Scan of the Lungs: How Accurate Is It When Diagnosing COVID in Individuals?

Quantitative Research Paper Education Topics

All students have something to say about education. If you have strong feelings about it, check quantitative research questions below.

  1. How Successful Are Students Who Initially Got High SAT Score?
  2. Do Schools That Have Extra Anti-Bullying Tactics Actually Succeed in Curbing It? Provide Data
  3. Do Most Scientists Hold Solid Knowledge in Math?
  4. Young People Who’re Likely to Apply to Colleges in 2021 Based on Data From 2020.
  5. What Percentage of Students Is Satisfied With Studying From Home Due to COVID?
  6. How Frequent Does Education Become a Reason for People’s Suicide?
  7. What Biases Are Encountered Most Often in a Classroom?
  8. What Kinds of Application Paper Tend to Appeal to College Committees More Frequent Statistically?
  9. How Many Students Pick Math as Their Favorite Subject?
  10. Based on Statistics, How Popular Art Is in Modern Schools?

Technology and Engineering Research Topics

If you love technologies and would like to answer some questions populations have about them, look at the following quantitative research topics ideas.

  1. How Often Do Flawed Engineering Projects Cause Death?
  2. What Kinds of Green Technology Exist & Which Are Seen as Most Effective?
  3. Compare Statistics Related to Facebook Popularity: Is It Rising or Declining?
  4. Which Computers Are Preferred by Our Population in 2020?
  5. Compare Several Largest Social Media Platforms: Which Are Most Popular?
  6. Does Evolution of Technologies Result In Increased Numbers of Mental Health Issues?
  7. From All Major Engineering Projects, How Many End Up Successful?
  8. Compare Student Statistics & Number of Them Who Become Engineers.
  9. Which Technology-Based Learning Method Is Most Effective?
  10. Individuals Who Actively Use Virtual Reality Options?

Psychology Quantitative Research Paper Topic Ideas

How about psychological quantitative topics? This sector has some outstanding ideas.

  1. What Triggers Affect People with PTSD Most Often?
  2. Murders Are Actually Committed by Mentally Ill People.
  3. Are Police Officers More Likely to Kill Black People Than White? Study Statistics
  4. In Which Cases Is Pack Mentality Triggered Most Frequently?
  5. At What Age Are People More Likely to Start Using Drugs?
  6. Do Males Or Females Suffer from ADHD More Frequently?
  7. Are Ads Really Effective? Compare Reactions & Responses
  8. What Ads Are Preferred by Most Companies for Promoting Their Services?
  9. Students Who Manage to Overcome Bullying They Faced at High School.
  10. What Factors Are Most Common Motivators for Partners Cheating on Each Other?

Business and Finance

Business is always important because it is one of the biggest ways in which we earn money. So, why don’t you check examples of quantitative research topics about it? They could help you write a great paper.

  1. How Many Startups Succeed in Establishing Their Presence in the Market?
  2. Businesses That Had to Close Down Because of 2020 Quarantine?
  3. In Which Ways Do Privacy Laws Influence Businesses? Study Numbers
  4. What Kinds of Investments Help Strengthen Businesses’ Brand Image?
  5. Determine the Number of Mistakes an Average Finance Specialist Does Per Year
  6. Based On Their Salaries, Can Finance Experts Be Called Rich?
  7. What Kinds of Businesses Flourish Most These Days?
  8. Which of the Start-Ups in Your City Are Likely to Succeed?
  9. How Frequently Do CEOs Manage to Cheat Their Firms?
  10. How Did Pepsi Appearance Affect Coca Cola Sales?

Economics Research Paper Topics

What do you think about economics? Quantitative research projects in this sphere are complex, but they are also extremely exciting.

  1. How Does Economic Stability Affect Income Inequality: Analysis in Numbers
  2. Measures Taken to Protect From COVID in Relation to Their Impact on US’ GPD
  3. Is the Car Market Already Saturated in America? Perform an Analysis
  4. How Do Countries Affect Each Other’s Economics? Provide Statistics & Explanations
  5. In Which Spheres Are Institutional Economics Methodologies Applied Often?
  6. What Causes Stock Prices to Fluctuate & How Often Does It Occur?
  7. Impact of Wars on the Countries Engaged in Them: Economical Perspective
  8. Fiscal Policies: How Do They Affect the American Economy?
  9. What Impact Does the Raising of Minimal Wage Have on Income?
  10. Which Country Demands the Most Unacceptable Amount of Taxes From Its Citizens?

Social Work Quantitative Paper Topics

Social work can be a curse and a blessing, depending on how effective it is. Take a look at these easy quantitative research topics if this area interests you.

  1. Comparative Analysis: Which Countries Invest in Their Social Workers Most Heavily?
  2. How Often Are Social Workers Successful in Their Jobs & Pleased with Their Choice?
  3. What Percentage of Mistakes Do Social Workers Make That Lead to the Death of Their Clients?
  4. What Punishments Do Teen Criminals Receive? Provide Data via Numbers
  5. US Children Who Face Abuse at Home. 2020 Statistics.
  6. How Many Children Are Malnourished in Accordance with Your Country’s Reports?
  7. How Frequently Do Social Workers Insist On Separation of Children from Their Parents?
  8. How Many Which Crimes Are Solved Due to Social Work?
  9. What Types of Power Abuse Happen Most Commonly among Social Workers?
  10. Are There More Women or Men in the Field of Social Work?


Those who like Math are interested in difficult but logical tasks others might be wary of. If you’re one of them, the ideas for research paper topics below might fit your bill.

  1. How Is Logic Interrelated with Math? Perform Quantitative Analysis
  2. How Many IT Specialists Hold Majors in Math?
  3. Math Anxiety: How Common Is It & Who Is Most Affected by It?
  4. Are There More Male or Female Math Majors?
  5. In Which Spheres Is Math Applied on the Most Common Basis?
  6. How Many Safety Mechanisms Are Built on Math?
  7. What Do Students Like More, Algebra, or Geometry?
  8. Based on Numbers, What Frequency Does Math Have in the US Curriculum?
  9. Why Do Students Hate Math: List of Reasons Based on Their Frequency
  10. Who Teaches Math at Colleges? Quantitative Gender Analysis

Tourism Quantitative Paper Ideas

Travelling and journeys are always exciting. Not surprising that there are various good quantitative research paper topics about them.

  1. How Many People Lost on Foreign Forests Are Found Alive?
  2. What Country Is the Best Tourist Spot In Accordance with the Number of Visits There?
  3. Students From What Country Change Countries for Their Studies Most Often?
  4. Analyze What Hotel Chain Is Preferred by the Biggest Amount of Tourists
  5. How Did the Rates of Tourism Fall Down After COVID Measures?
  6. How Many People Succeed in Visiting North Korea?
  7. Is Educational Tourism Developed in the UK?
  8. Trace Interrelation between Tourism and Destruction of Nature
  9. Tourists Who Visit Your Country on a Yearly Basis & What Is the Common Reason?
  10. Which Region Has the Lowest Number of Tourists Globally?

Linguistics Quantitative Research Paper Prompts

Foreign languages fascinate and make them learn more. Complex or not, researching them with the purpose to create a research paper topic is certainly interesting!

  1. How Many People Are Bilingual These Days?
  2. Compare Statistics: Are Bilingual Children More Successful at Their Studies?
  3. What Can We Say About Migration Based on Similarities in Our Languages? Explore Patterns
  4. Consider Statistic: How Relevant Is Linguistics in the World of Politics?
  5. How Many People Decide on Majoring in Linguistics in the US?
  6. How Many Which Cultures Grow Closer Due to Language Similarities?
  7. Quantitative Analysis: Present Similarities between Chinese and Japanese Languages
  8. Consider Available Data: Which Language Is Viewed as Most Complex?
  9. What Are the Oldest Languages Based on Information We Have?
  10. To Which Extent Does Correct Word Choice Influence Efficiency of Public Speeches?

Enjoy What You Write and Write What You Enjoy

After all examples of quantitative research questions above, chances are, you’ve already selected a paper topic to your liking. If not, continue looking until you settle on the best possible option. When you have a passion for a subject, writing a paper about it is exciting. But of course, some other problems might be waiting for you, such as lack of time or personal issues that don’t let you concentrate on your work properly. This is where you can count on us!

Our team of expert writers will gladly research, synthesize, and write all paper types you need. Contact us and tell us what you require. We’ll swiftly find the best specialists who’ll study your guidelines and work on crafting an outstanding quantitative paper based on them. You’ll receive it just by your deadline, and we guarantee that one way or another, but we’ll find a way to make you satisfied!

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