Problems of production

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The primary cause of Braddock’s dilemma is the additional raw materials that the corporation has recently begun to receive from a new source. It is clear that Braddock did not face consistency problems until a few days ago. While some people may believe that Shorty McCune is creating a problem, she does not have access to allow herself to monitor the level of production in the business. Essentially, in terms of prefabrication, the building model needed more effort and focus than the homeowner model. In addition, the building trays are deeper with sharper corners, features that make them more resistant to creasing. As a result, low-quality materials will be more pronounced in the construction model than in the homeowner tray. Therefore, it is of the essence for Braddock to take the quality assurance approach seriously to prevent defects and mistakes in construction materials.

To eliminate the quality problem, Braddock should conduct more inspections; first, it should be done when the material comes to the factory. This will ensure that the material received is of high quality, an aspect that will help produce the desired products. Second, there should be inspections on the press machine to verify that the metal trays are properly calibrated. Braddock Company should also consider incorporating a training program in their operations to make sure that employees know how to carry out the procedures effectively. Finally, the organization should introduce a form of identification for their workers. Moreover, this rule should be enforced strictly; any person who does not have the identification card should not be allowed to enter or walk around the factory (Rue, Byars, & Ibrahim, 2013). As a result, even former employees will not be able to access the compound area, thereby reducing interference with the daily operations of the company.


Rue, L., Byars, L., & Ibrahim, N. (2013). Management: Skills & Application (14 Ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Higher Education.

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