People and Their Values

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Your submit regarding cultural impact on climate alternate is very interesting. It is true that Hoffman identified four social elements that greatly influence climate trade including cognitive filters, cultural identity overpowering scientific reason, and the economy. As stated through the author, cultural cognition is highly influential as it influences the beliefs and cultural practice of individuals via their social group values. As such, or families, friends, respected leaders, and colleagues greatly have an impact on our perception towards the issue of environment, international warming, and climate change. Hoffman claims that people are products of their surrounding; they attempt to have values in line with the people with whom they identify themselves. As such, this justifies your personal example in the text in which you assert that certain religions would hold that climate and natural environment is controlled by a spiritual being. Such perceptions inhibit individuals from controlling anthropogenic activities that could escalate the situation of climate change.

As you have clearly stated, the economic factors also have significant influence on the belief of climate change. According to Hoffman, the economic, political, and technological realities influence our values and a source of inertia to changing them. Individuals with economic and political interest would always be threatened by the control of climate change. This may involve limiting their use of resources or the methods of absorption and deposition of wastes that influence the environment. Thus, such organizations, individuals, or institutions may make people believe that industrialization and other human activities cannot affect global warming and climate change. Such factors influence the perception of individuals towards the concept of environmental sustainability.

Response 2

Your text is very informative and I agree with most of the facts you have quoted. You have clearly identified the four cultural factors that impact the beliefs of individuals towards the idea of climate change and human’s contribution towards it. Among the four factors, you have explained that the desire of humans to remain part of a community plays a key role in determining their beliefs which surpasses the scientific evidence that exists in the literature. The author gives an example of Kahan and colleagues results which showed that “members of the public with the highest degrees of science literacy and technical reasoning capacity… were the ones among whom cultural polarization was greatest.” This proved that among those who may reject the concept of climate change are those who are informed of the scientific evidence of the environmental phenomenon as a result of their own cultural beliefs.

You have clearly discussed the political aspects of climate change. As you have noted, global warming and climate change have becoming major topics addressed in the political realm. It is interesting to relate this to the author’s claim in which he states that the scientific evidence offered is like a jigsaw puzzle in which some of the parts are missing. This is to mean that although there are variable results on the concept of climate change and its causes, it is true that the resulting impacts or causes have some true grounds. Amidst the varying cultural and political beliefs, it is obvious that climate change is an alarming phenomenon that must be addressed. In addition, human activities may largely contribute to the factors that result in global warming and climate change.

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