Organizing for Change and Non Violence

Different organisations and individuals have expressed outrage about acts of violence over the past few years. To answer this question, some of the organisations, such as the WHO, have initiated strategies to inform people about the effects of violence and about the value of healthy relationships.
The United Nations has also collaborated with other organizations to create a global non-formal program for youth to help avoid and end violence (Jason, 2015). The aim of this curriculum is to provide the young people with knowledge concerning the causes of violence in their communities and what they can do to identify the perpetrators.
Creating positive relationship among the community members is also another strategy which seems to have assisted these organizations to attain the goal of establishing nonviolent world (Robert, 2013). The UN’s tactic of establishing good relationships among different people has played a role in preventing violence against women and children

Other strategies which these organizations use in addressing violence include establishing dedicated action plans to prevent and address violence against women and strengthening coordination among diverse actors required for sustained and meaningful action. From these strategies, educating people concerning the adverse impact of violence stood out for me because helping the society understand the importance of peace is only best way of ending violence.

In my life, I witnessed my friend being bitten by his parent and I believe organizations, governments, and other stakeholders should work together to ensure acts of violence are eliminated from the society. Although beating can be used as a method of punishment, I believe the one I witnessed was an act of violence because the beating was more of a punishment. Parents should be educated on how to prevent their children from acts of violence. With proper measures like punishing the perpetrators and educating the society about the disadvantages of violence, nonviolence can be possible at any level.


Jason, B. H. (2015). Domestic Violence Typologies: What Value to Practice? Trends & Issues in Crime and Criminal Justice, 494(1), 90-120.

Robert. W. (2013). A History of Violence: From the End of the Middle Ages to the Present. The Historian, 75(2), 234-300.

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