Negative Effects of Social Media on Teenagers

A increasing problem for most parents and other stakeholders is the effect of social media on adolescents. Of particular interest is the increasing impact of social media on adolescents. This is partially due to the fact that they contribute to adolescent growth and can also be a source of adolescent entertainment. The rise of social media today, however, has also had a detrimental effect on teenagers. The first negative impact is the distortion of the body image. Currently, the world is full of “perfect people’. These are individuals with the perfect skin, hair, and body- apparently; this is what they appear to be like to the young ones today. The standard of beauty has, therefore, become impossible to achieve. To make it worse, these images are found everywhere. In light of this, this has led to the distortion body image among many teenagers in an attempt to look like them (Huang 514).The second impact is the aspect of risky sexual behaviors. The majority of the teens are just discovering their sexuality (Perloff 363). As such it is sometimes just normal for many of them to be interested in anything sexual. However, the amount of sex that is being displayed in the social media today tends to be confusing many teenagers. It has fueled to greater heights the aspect of sex without responsibility. This has over the time led to irresponsible sexual behaviors and also unwanted pregnancies and diseases.Finally, cyber bullying and imposter syndrome has also been identified as another impact to the teenagers. The other danger that comes s when teens communicate more indirectly has also gotten easier. Cyber buying appears to be quite more comfortable because in most cases they cannot see these ‘friends.' The effect of this can lead to life threatening and can also cause deaths.The docent tag can be the perfect time to explore most of the things that happen on the internet. As much an as the web can positively impact the life of teenage, it has to be well monitored by both the parents and the caregivers to ensure that the adolescents do not go astray.

Works CitedHuang, Grace C., et al. "Peer influences: the impact of online and offline friendship networks on adolescent smoking and alcohol use." Journal of Adolescent Health 54.5 (2014): 508-514.Perloff, Richard M. "Social media effects on young women’s body image concerns: Theoretical perspectives and an agenda for research." Sex Roles 71.11-12 (2014): 363-377.

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