Movie Review: Men of Honor

Men of honor is a drama film that was directed by George Tillman, Jr. it was released in 2000 starring Cuba Gooding (Brashear Carl) and Robert De Niro (Master Chief Billy Sunday). It is a movie that describes how Cuba Gooding overcomes the discrimination that he faces no matter having the entire navy incapacitating his training and hesitant about his potential. The important movie character in this film addresses the concept of power and influence, way of life as well as Conflict management. This paper analyses the movie Men of Honor via using the concepts of culture, warfare management and power and influence. Additionally, it also focuses on how the main character uses interpersonal skills to address the situations in the movie.Brashear Carl was quite a guy. He was a son of a black sharecropper with no high school education; the Navy recruited him after World War II. Harry Truman had made it possible for the integration of services, though the Navy was not quick to adapt the change, and blacks were directed toward two job choices. They could become officers’ valets or cooks. Brashear, on the other hand, wanted to be a driver. Men of honor tell the story clearly how he became a driver in spite of everything, and henceforth he insisted on going back to active duty after he lost the art of a lower leg in an accident (Devito, 2016).The movie is considered to an old-fashioned biopic, and I imply that as a compliment. It is not full of phony action scenes, though it follows the Brashear’s life curve as it comes into contacts with another man, Chief Billy, a redneck who has hatred toward Carl and after that changes his mind gradually. The scene that is most gripping in the movie is the reversal of heroism in many parts of the military film. It is not about explosions and thrills, though about tenacity and it mostly takes place in our mind (Kurniawan, 2012). For one to graduate from a diving school, it is a must for the divers to take a test of assembling the pieces of the pump while working less or more in the dark and underwater. The test of Brashear is rigged to make it not possible for him to pass. The water is icy and every hour that Brashear stays at the bottom of the water can be fatal (Devito, 2016).Niro does not accept the idea of a black being a Navy diver, though his Master Chief is a diver, and if you are passionate about doing something, you come to show respect to others who do it properly. Master Chief Billy Sunday comes from a background of farming though he is addicted to alcoholism which affects his marriage. Additionally, Brashear has a woman in his life known as Jo who helps him to read and write (Devito, 2016). Nevertheless, the ugliest opponent of his dream is Mister Pappy, who is the commanding group chief and he looks like a cross amid Queeg and Ahab. “There might come a day when a dive who is colored graduates from this school,” he says “though it will not be while I’m still here.” I wonder whether Mister Pappy have to be such a nut job; going through his realm from living quarters in a water tower, he is not a powerful, commanding officer than a refugee from those guys with butterfly nets (Kurniawan, 2012).Gooding Jr. is the type of actor who can bubbles even when he is doing nothing. This kind of energy would not be suitable here, and he dialed down and performed very well. The secret of Brashear’s prosperity is not intricate (Devito, 2016). He will not give up, he will not walk away and finally his presence alone ashamed Navy men who could not deny his capability. The racism that entered into the life of American in the early 1940s is evident in the scenes like the one where the other Navy trainees do not want to share a bunkhouse4 with Brashear, except for one, Snowhill, who stays. The reason of Snowhill is not a liberal sentiment, though more personal and straightforward, and my prediction is that this line, all of the conversations in the movie, is likely to have lifted straight from the real-life situations. “I am from Wisconsin,” he says (Kurniawan, 2012).This is another feature by George whose “Soul food” succeeded in 1997. Here he depends on reliable performances and intense story and does not take into considerations unnecessary flash, the movie it is own brand. Though, the screenplay is a betrayal of some evidence of the requirements of the knee-jerk front office. How else can the Gwen character, the wife of the master chief? She is only not necessary to the picture, and despite the fact the performance of Theron is professional, it is not on point (Kurniawan, 2012). Such details are not needed, as compared to the main strength of the movie, which reveals the American Life, lived proudly and well. Overpaid sports heroes are glorified, and we put them on postage stamps, though what about a person like Brashear, who was determined to serve his country diligently and could not take no for an answer?Concisely, in the movie Men of Honor the concepts of culture, conflict management and power and influence have been displayed. All this concepts are affiliated to the main character Brashear Carl who uses interpersonal skills to address the situations that he faces. Moreover, the theme of racism is also dominant in the movie Men of Honor; the main character faces racism in this movie though he is able to disapprove all people in the navy.

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