Mental Illness and Labeling

A case that affects multiple persons is a psychiatric illness.

20 percent of people are trying to fight off mental disorders, according to the video.

Various forms of mental disorders

such as stigmatization, severe depression, OCD, Alzheimer's disease, alcohol dependence, schizophrenia, and many more are seen in the video The Gestalt Project: Stop Stigma (2012).

Anyone may be affected by the listed psychiatric disorders.

Many persons suffer from those conditions and being in that condition is not their fault.

In their lives, the mental disease will play an enormous role.

People are told, however, not to dwell on the illness but on recovery and to have the daily life of all average individuals.

Labeling mental illnesses

can be positive or negative as well for an individual that is having the disease and for other people.

One of the advantages of labeling a person is that it enables the psychiatric doctor to know where to place the case and how to deal with the patient or handle the illness itself.

When the doctor is able to place the illness, the patient will find it easy to know what kind of treatment should be administered, which is the second advantage.

The disadvantage of labeling a person with mental illness

is considered to be an offense, and it is known to be the primary source of stigma to the person or the patient, especially in terms of the social stigma.

Labeling has caused people leaving their jobs and being not able or finding it hard to associate with others in the society (Corrigan 69).

Previously, the mental illness was known to be a terrible mark, and many people did not accept such people in their society.

It is evident that culture plays a significant role in the perception.

For example, the culture today has made it clear that the people with mental illnesses should be treated as ordinary human beings and that their illness does not define who they are as an individual.

Works cited

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