Medical marijuana: The Botanical Medicine of Cannabinoids

Prior to the speech

My position on the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes was positive. I agreed with the use of medical cannabis. The conference presentation persuaded me even more to support the use of medical marijuana. The legalization of medical marijuana will have an impact on healthcare. Marijuana may provide improved care and comfort to those suffering from cancer, epilepsy, anxiety, multiple sclerosis, and other ailments. Yet, the greatest impact would be felt on healthcare prices (Ryan, 2016). Acceptance of medical cannabis would mean that pricey pharmaceuticals would be put on hold, making healthcare more inexpensive. As a nurse, the new legislation exemplifies the role of assuring excellence in healthcare through advocacy, collaboration, learning, research and most of all, active participation in policy development. For nurses, this means that the vast knowledge possessed has to be incorporated into the drug policy reforms. The current debates, findings, and regulations concerning medical marijuana are relevant to nurses since it is the basis for harm prevention and health promotion. Additionally, there is the responsibility to adhere to ethical and professional standards by utilizing the best evidence available to facilitate policy change and health promotion (Pauly, 2012).

Medical cannabis should be legalized by the federal government

This is because marijuana has been scientifically shown to treat or manage diseases such as cancer, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and anxiety among others. The main reason why some discredit its use is that few studies have been done to extensively highlight the healing properties of cannabis (Block, 2014). Legalization of marijuana by the government will also lower costs related to treating alcohol and tobacco problems, improve health care and above all, the legalization will pave the way for better policies for drug market regulation hence reducing the harms of substance abuse (Pauly, 2012).


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