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Style Cliché’s notion resonates with “The Clique” or “Friends’ League” in Dutch; a summary of what the classic women’s outfit might look like. Style Cliché’s line of clothing and tailored personal style offerings, which include a holistic style appraisal, will aim to ensure that all valued and prospective clients dress up for the event. It is currently run as a single owner, focusing on women who wear it to their liking but with the ultimate aim of crossing the borders of the world.
• Showcase quality from world-renowned designers
• To assist women to understand that clothing and designs comply with their unique personality
• Establish and maintain profits at 10-15% by monitoring the cost of purchase”

Situation analysis

Styles Cliché’ will deal in the line of casual, ready to wear clothes and women accessories and will pride itself as one among the enterprises bringing German women wear concepts to US markets. It will operate in such design as the famous Her Frau, Catherine the great, Hocken and weekend MaxMini.

Market Summary

The target market comprises of a highly committed professional Woman with an income of over $50k who have limited time to move from one store to the next in search of her best wear but find all under one roof; an obligation of the enterprise (Wright, 2017).

Market demographics and geographic analysis

A busy professional woman with a net income of over $ 50K, preferably $ 100K, who forms the larger percentage of the populations, will make up the part of the target market. Most are in self-employment or have permanent, and pensionable employments hence are assured of a steady income. The central business district with ample parking will form the strategic location (Wright, 2017).

Market behaviors

Increase in demand in a blend of foreign and local dress codes as a result of growth in the internet access that exposes different cloth designs as well as German population increase in the US. Internationalization favoritism in general increases demands (Pride et al. 2015).

SWOT analysis

Marketing strategy/ market mix

Service offered- Style assessment, placing orders and reservations, personal shopping and design alteration (Pride et al. 2015).

Price -The target market demands high-quality product necessitating higher price charge per design (Pride et al. 2015).

Promotion- Social market strategies like facebook, twitter which are less costly, dominating the search engine optimizations (SEO), inbound marketing. Referral networks utilization through stylists, acquiring reviews and mentions through top fashion prints (Pride et al. 2015).

Place – the business will operate in the virtual and real world. Delivery services, internet reservations, sales representatives will make the product available for customers (Pride et al. 2015).


Style Cliché’ will operate in the Her Frau, Catherine the great, Hocken and weekend MaxMini lines of products for women wear. The target markets compose of busy professional women with homestead earning of over $ 50k. Moreover, the marketing strategies that will be employed are not limited to style assessment, design alterations and personal shopping, online placing orders, and reservations. Promotions include social market strategy, inbound marketing, and utilization of referral networks, review and mentions in the top fashion publications.


Pride, W. M., Ferrell, O. C., Lukas, B. A., Niininen, O., & Schembri, S. (2015). Marketing principles.

Wright, C. (2017). Business boutique: A woman’s guide to making money doing what she loves. Ramsey Press.

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