People are still excited to watch as a new movie is set to be released as a preview. Some viewers watch for entertainment, and others watch for enjoyment and to be frightened if the movie scenes are fantastic. Some people, on the other hand, watch movies to learn life lessons that will make them live their lives accordingly. Some films, on the other hand, are based on true-life events and are acted and published as such. Things and difficulties that people encounter when they try to survive. They say survival is of the fittest, John Q among the movies that are based on true-life stories that one can learn from its literary analysis.The movie John Q is about John Quincy Archibald; he is financially contrived. At first, he was composed and not stressed much about the fact that he was in a position to pay his son's surgery fees. This is because he was sure that his insurance would cover his son. Reality dawns on him after he inquires his employer on the whereabouts of his insurance and he appears very shocked. This is evident in the scene where he is having a conversation with his employer on the insurance matter; John Q seems to be engulfed in emotions of deep sorrows. His face seems to be very sad.John Q is left with fewer options on how to handle his son's conditions. When his son is now at the brink of death; John Q as a father who loves his son and wouldn't want to see him dead does everything in his power to ensure that a heart transplant for his son is secured. The level of family love shared and shown in this movie is on another level of greater heights. In as much as it was not by the law, John Q still went on to ensure his dying son was saved. The main characters in this movie are; John, Michael and Denise Archibald. Others include; Rebecca Payne, Grimes and Doctor Turner.The storyline of the movie has a driving force which is necessitated by the negotiators in the play. The negotiators in this movie are Lt. Grimes and John Q himself. Even from the start of the movie, John seems to be in total control of the situation and his family. He portrays his leadership character here. He was there for his son and his wife. Even at times when Denise Archibald broke down on seeing her son in such a condition, and they had no means to secure him a heart transplant; John offers her a shoulder to lean on and assure her that all will be well. He is very strong for his son and wife despite his temperamental tendencies. From the movie, john is seen as a man with ill tempers when he wants things to be done his way.The main aim of John Q in this movie is to ensure that his son's life is out of danger. All throughout the movie, he wants his son to be given a heart transplant. He does not have enough funds to afford for the transplant neither is he in a status quo where his son's name would be automatically on the list for the insured people, but that is not his worry. He goes ahead for the negotiations with Lt. Grimes to the police lieutenant, but that didn't imply that he needed the son's name on the list. He knew well enough that, if he were to be given back his son, he would die, so he chose to do something drastic about it to see his son's life being saved.John Q decided to act in faith to see his son's life being saved. With very minimal chances left, he decided to abduct all the patients in the hospital before making any negotiations. The abducted patients from the hospital were to be used as his bait in the negotiations. To him, the negotiations were very crucial to him for he wanted Michael's life to be saved. The patients would be in exchange for the agreement. John Q was even willing to take his own life to make it possible that his heart was given to his son so that he can survive for Michael had a bright future ahead of his life. John Q had his family's interests at heart, and he was willing to do anything to see his sons life saved.In the movie, John Q can be perceived to have a melancholic trait with the desire and the zeal for perfectionism. Most people desire for things to be done their way, but they end up being stressed for they cannot make it happen. John Q, on the other hand, was stressed but acted in a way that he could see things happen. As part of the agreement, he threatened to kill the patients he had held hostage if his demands of the son being on the listIn the final analysis, John Q is also seen to be empathetic for he was able to release the Hispanic mother and the couple who were expecting a baby because he put himself in their shoes to see that they needed urgent help. In life, therefore, most people are usually idealistic and desire perfection but do nothing towards achieving it. John Q exhibits a character with a higher inner struggle that is willing to do things to see his desires being full filled. He managed to secure his son's life. Works CitedBurg, Mark, et al. John Q. Calder, John, et al. "An Assimilated International Method to Arctic Ocean Interpretations for Humanity (A Legacy of the Global Arctic Year)." Proceedings of OceanObs'09: Sustained Ocean Observations and Information for Society, 2010. Cross, Nedy J. "Nedy John Cross -Faraway -Movie Soundtrack." SciVee, 2009. Fea, John. "John Adams and Religion." A Companion to John Adams and John Quincy Adams, 2013, pp. 184-198. John Q. / #350.

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