Lesson Observation Log for Field Experience and Practicum

Cooperating and Listening Teacher: Learning The ability to distinguish between rising and declining intonation is the goal for the class. Additionally, they will be able to improve their word articulation and hearing comprehension. The pupils will discover how to use various sound effects to highlight a particular meaning.

Common Core Learning Standard Relevant: Students are told that understanding sound differences is a key step toward eloquence and effective public speaking.

Link with Prior Knowledge: The students had earlier discussed speaking skills. This knowledge will provide them with speaking-listening skills to understand the topic more. Excellent articulation of words will form a basis for quality listening adroitnesses.

Key Vocabulary: Suicide: causing one’s death

Sovereignty: Supreme authority

Assent: Approval

Sobriety: Sober

Prioritize: Treat something as being most important

Materials: Oxford dictionary, Chats with vocabularies, audiotapes, videotapes, written speech samples and class guidebook.

Motivation: Before the lesson, the students are entertained by the teacher as she dramatizes one of the spoken words from respected US scholars. They are also grouped into four to perform a brief speech of their own.

Lesson Plan Procedures: Students write down their speech in groups of four. Each group leader reads the statement to the rest of the class. The teacher puts down commonly misspelled words. The students are asked to keep quiet and keenly assess the speech.

Medial Summary: The teacher cuts short one of the group leaders in between the lesson and demonstrates proper standing gestures to attract audience's attention. He/ she shows pronunciation skills for active listening.

Differentiated Instruction: The teacher uses the videotapes and audiovisuals to demonstrate good listening skills. The visuals contain a group of audience who are very keen and a talented speaker who demonstrates language competency.

Opportunities for Practice: The teacher gives each student a sample speech to read to the others to gauge the level of attention each student is accorded.

Final Summary: The teacher finalizes by briefly asking basic listening skills questions to students and correcting the otherwise incorrect responses.

Assessment: Each student is assigned a speech audio after which they are supposed to summarize the contents of the speech on paper. The teacher collects the assignment for marking for further evaluation.

Classroom Management: The teacher grouped the students in fours and chose the leader who presented the speech on behalf of the others.

Attention to Multicultural Issues: Grouping of students into fours reflected a unity of purpose which is a major social tie. Appointing of the group leaders also demonstrates trust in the young generation who will be the future leaders in the future world.

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