Kimmel and Messner on practices of discrimination

Discriminatory Practices in the United States

There is an explanation for the discriminatory practices that were frequently used in the United States in this week's selection of readings from the lives of Messner and Kimmel. Men of Asian heritage were subjected to hard labor immediately following World War II with little parental involvement. The main goal was to get a lot of exploitation out of this group. In the same way as Pascoe discusses masculinity and sexuality in high school, Kimmel and Messner aim to highlight the struggles that Americans of color face. For instance, in comparison to Americans, Asians hardly ever had the opportunity to work in the nation's media. Kimmel and Messner further elaborate that domestic service was one of the unjust practices of men during that era. Hard labor left the masses subjected to aspects of fatigue when asked to perform certain duties (washing, cleaning, and cooking) with limited time to rest. It was an act that was heavily practiced by the Asian men who were forced into the feminized jobs due to the shortage of women and the closed labor market (Messner 22). It further created anger among these men and the desire to have recognition in the society. Their bosses had valued them as inferior and disadvantaged compared to the white men and women that existed in the society. The practices of domestic work later involved the Chinese and Japanese people who then gave an estimation of 15,000 laborers by the first decade of the twentieth century (Messner 22).

Linking Discrimination to Homophobic Terms

The practices of discrimination can then be linked to the context of fag or gay that was a common model of identification in the schools. The boys of color were often referred to as fag, which then left them unappreciated in society and feeling like they were nothing (Pascoe 55). On the contrary, being viewed as a lesbian had little effect on the social being of a lady since boys viewed it as an ordinary act. Nevertheless, the concept of gay and fag as an insult brings the gendered nature of this homophobia into focus (Pascoe 56). However, a person should not be singled out based on status or character as it will create an aspect of worth in society. In doing so, it creates a perception that human rights hardly play a role in the context of recognition of the society. It is visible in the article by Kimmel and Messner as they indicate that the Asian American community was denied quality education, reliable skills, and the ability to speak English (25). It also created an incident of favor with the white women in the attainment of job opportunities in comparison to the male population. The women would accept to work for little pay irrespective of the working conditions, leaving the men with limited opportunities for securing employment.

Impact of the Term "Fag" on Gay Movements

According to Pascoe (82), the use of the term fag in descriptions has had a direct impact on the aspect of gay movements in society. It further provides a perception that gay men can be masculine like any other person. Nevertheless, the concept has initiated the inscription of homosexuality in society. However, there is a need to consider the way this group of people may be in a unique position to challenge gender and sexual norms.

Work Cited

Messner, Michael S. Kimmel, and Micahel A. Men’s Lives. Boston: Pearson, 2007.

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