Is There Any Solution? – Gun Violence in America

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence is the group that would help with the problem of gun violence in America. This organization’s primary goal is to defend against gun violence by research, effective policy advocacy, and tactical involvement. The coalition, which is made up of 47 national groups, collaborates to lessen gun violence in the United States. The group will contribute to fostering a gun safety culture in America. Insisting on mandated training, license, and safe, secure weapons storage are all part of it (Bloomberg, 2013). It will aid in making sure that training is ongoing. It means the organization will help in ensuring that gun owners regularly refresh their training and renews their permits according to the requirements. Additionally, it will help in educating general public that gun violence is critical, but preventable public health problem. It means there is a need to master political will to address the issue.
The methodology that is proposed is to tighten restrictions on gun sales. It means closing all loopholes that allow people with criminal records as well as mental health conditions to access firearms. No guns should be sold through the Internet or by private individuals. It is so because none of the avenues is a licensed gun seller. The second methodology is to reduce the lethality of guns. It means deriving other ways of making weapons less dangerous to store. One can use “smart gun” technology, which only recognizes the owner’s fingerprint. Main advantage is that the gun cannot be stolen or accidentally fired by a child or a stranger (Bloomberg, 2013). 
One of the major theories explaining gun violence in America is social interaction. Different research works have been made on this issue. They indicated that the people one knows and spends time with have more influence on the risk of becoming gun homicide victims. It may be concluded so as compared to age, race as well as gang affiliation.
Bloomberg, M. R. (2013). Reducing gun violence in America: Informing policy with evidence and analysis. JHU Press.

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