Irrational Conclusions I have about Public Speaking

My Dream of Being a Fantastic Public Speaker

My dream has always been to be a fantastic public speaker. But, I become disheartened because of my negative attitude toward the workout. Even though I understand that anxiousness is normal for everyone, fear has made me unreasonable. I've avoided public speaking for a long time because of such foolishness. My former instructors have previously taught me that stage fright affects all artists, regardless of their stature. Because the distinction between diverse performers is only highlighted by their degrees of fear-induced reaction. In spite of the motivational statements, the fear in me has hindered me from participating in any public speaking. Below are some of the irrational thoughts I have about public speaking.

The belief that public speaking only requires excellent speakers

I believe that public speaking only requires excellent speakers. This belief has been my greatest hindrance to effective oration because of the confusion it poses in polishing my perfection in communication. This could be because of my belief that a speaker needs to be slick and charismatic in order to connect with the audience. My friends always talk about honesty and trustworthiness as some of the aspects necessary in boosting the relationship between the speaker and the audience. They may be right, however, what if I end up giving a lackluster presentation?

Fear of displaying nervousness during presentations

I hate when people see nervousness in me during my presentation. Normally, human beings easily judge from what they see. Just as many believe, the first impression is critical in determining how the audience would judge the content which I present. Therefore, for me to excel in public speaking, I must not be panicky on stage. Since I cannot guarantee such boldness, I would rather watch my colleagues tackle the task than embarrass myself. I just cannot afford to imagine how people would sympathize with me if I lost focus on stage!

Anxiety and its impact on public speaking performance

Finally, renowned public speakers have always argued that there is no true linkage between anxiety and bad performance in public speaking. Although the statement may hold traces of truth, to some extent, it is only but a consolation to amateurs like me. Furthermore, it is common to hear people make sentiments like, “I know I was horrible” and “I was extremely nervous” after making presentations. In my opinion, anxiety definitely has great impact on the performance of speakers. In fact, it can as well determine whether the audience listen to my speech or not.

The Anxiety that Hinders my Potential as a Public Speaker

Deep inside my heart, I am pretty sure that I can be a very effective public speaker. However, my sole problem has always been this anxiety which I have experienced since I was a small kid. Many a time, I have been driven by passion, to at least give it a try. Perhaps if I got in touch with a good mentor, I would be a force to reckon.

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