IOM 10 recommendations for the future of nursing

I believe I can contribute to the IOM's future recommendation of boosting the proportion of nurses with bachelor degrees to 80% by 2020. (Gooch, 2017). This is because I will have completed my undergraduate nursing degree before the target date of 2020. I am currently working very hard to graduate with this degree, and I am gaining extensive knowledge that I will use to carry out the tasks and obligations of nursing in a very effective and efficient manner in my current working company. Furthermore, I am tremendously driven to persuade a few of my coworkers to seek further education as well. I have currently convinced four of my colleagues to register for a bachelor`s program in the field of nursing science and they are expected to graduate before the year 2020. Additionally, I have given myself a target to influence more than 10 people per year to enroll for nursing courses in my community.

According to recommendation 5 of the IOM of doubling the number of nurses who have a doctorate degree by the year 2020, I see myself fitting into this recommendation because immediately I graduate I will advance my studies by enrolling for a master’s program after which I will pursue a doctorate degree. Meanwhile, I will approach my coworkers who have already taken their masters` programs to enroll for doctorate degrees. The increment is a noble idea as it will go along in ensuring efficient and quality service delivery. In addition, it can offer the nurses an opportunity to assume managerial responsibilities in the healthcare organizations.

I would welcome the recommendation of by IOM of ensuring that the nurses participate in lifetime learning. This recommendation motivates me to further my education on a continuous basis after completing my bachelor`s degree in nursing. Considering that the field of nursing evolves now and again because of the ever emerging new technologies, I will require engaging myself in lifetime learning in a bid to acclimatize myself with the new technologies in the field of nursing (Caputi, 2014). The impact of technology in the field of nursing will form my basis for informing people about the importance of engaging in the lifelong learning so that their skills will not become obsolete.

Advancing my education level will increase my competitiveness in the present job market. This is because I will have learned more skills and knowledge that is necessary to solve the emerging nursing needs. Furthermore, it will be able to provide me an upper hand to be considered in any recruitment since n the contemporary job market, the employers are seeking candidates who can multitask. Also, most of the employers prefer individuals with the capability of handling diverse responsibilities in the nursing field (Acello & More, n.d.). Accordingly, taking more educational courses and advancing my level of education will offer me this advantage. Thus, increasing, my level of education is likely to affect my role in future nursing because I will be able to handle many roles besides the possibility of undertaking managerial roles.


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Caputi, L. (2014). Innovations in nursing education: building the future of nursing: Volume 1. Washington, DC: National League for Nursing.

Gooch, K. (2017). IOM committee releases 10 recommendations for the future of nursing. Retrieved 17 November 2017, from

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