interracial communication

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Interracial contact may be defined as a method of communication aimed at the distribution of knowledge between races or cultures. It is also used to describe communication mechanisms and problems that exist between races. As is well established, races and cultures are typically distinguished by their religious practices, schooling, social and racial origins. These disparities have been shown to give rise to bigotry and animosity towards different races. As such, if these gaps between races are not resolved, they will lead to problems for the United States and the world as a whole. According to Interracial communication: theory into practice: (Mark Orbe & Tina Harris, 2015), communication theory and research make valuable contribution in improving the relations between races in the United States.
In trying to answer the questions; why studying interracial communication is important and the benefits of having its experience, the following reasons may be provided. First, the course ensures that one is able to understand the specific meaning of the term interracial communication. This is gained knowledge which one may share with others to enhance peace and unity between races. It is important to appreciate that race is a great feature in the United States which determines the daily lives of a lot of people. It affects how people relate in business and also in politics. Understanding the issues of interracial communication has helped many of the Americans to ignore racism and relate to people from other races well. It is also evident that the population in the United States is increasing due to birth rate as well as immigration resulting in more races in US. This therefore calls for the importance of studying interracial communication to create a better environment for everyone in the future.
The past, present and the future of the United States is dependent on every person who lives or who is related to the country. Therefore, if people of different races or cultures lives in unity and are successful, the country will succeed and on the other hand if the people live in hatred and prejudice, there will be failure to the whole country. It is thus good to enhance unity so that everyone and the country may prosper. Good communication practices and processes are very important in determining the effectiveness of race relations. The book “foundations for interracial communication theory and practice” is seen to express the role which an effective communication plays in enhancing good future for race relations. In short, the course provides personal and social mission that contribute to interracial understanding.
To ensure the course offers effective understanding of interracial communication to the students, it is usually divided into two parts which are both further divided into six sections each. The first part describes the foundations of interracial communication both practice and theory. This part is involved with the study of the interracial communication by the use of both theoretical as well as practical means. The history of how race came about is also described in this part. In addition, the power of both verbal and non-verbal signs as well as ethnic and racial identity negotiation are discussed in this first part of the course. Lastly, the first section explains how different identities are intersectionalized while the second part involves the interracial communication in different specific contexts. All these together help one to understand the concept better and improve their lives.

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