Importance of Secondary Research to Management

The first important thing I've learnt is how to improve my capacity to speak effectively. According to Luck (2016), the capacity to effectively, clearly, and professionally communicate with the audience is the primary talent required for producing a report. My communication talents include the use of accurate grammar and punctuation, as well as the ability to write well-structured paragraphs with compelling points. As a result, individuals must gather and apply the appropriate tools in order to exercise the best communication abilities. Reports must be objective and concise. According to Lester and Lester Jr (2015), the first step to writing report knowing the purpose of writing the report. This way, the researcher will be able to write a report with a specific objective. I have learned to have a specific research topic as broad topics lead individuals to make vague propositions. Specific research topics will lead to the success of the methodology and terminologies particular to the paper (Sekaran and Bougie, 2016). Additionally, there is a need to follow the standard formats that are required when writing reports. According to Rajendran, Onsare, and Christopher (2015), following standards enhances the quality of the research paper as well as make it easier to identify the mistakes and errors in the report.

Importance of Secondary Research to Management

I did a comprehensive literature review for my report which helped me understand the role of recruitment in the organizations. According to Fink (2013), literature review provides updated information on practice, identifies methods used in previous research. Understanding the role of recruitment will help influence my decisions as managers regarding the appropriate techniques that will be employed in my organization. I will ensure to take up strategies that increase worker retention and reduces worker turnover. Decision-making process depended on the accuracy of the research done (Hair, 2015). The reports help in predicting the outcome of a project. Also, I have learned to have up to date and reliable research materials. Therefore, I will have my subordinates to make frequent reports as it will lead to discoveries of new factors affecting the recruitment processes. According to Anderson, Sweeney, Williams, Camm, and Cochran (2014), a frequent review of reports helps in identification and adjusting abnormalities as quickly as possible.

Academic Journal Articles

Peer-reviewed academic journal articles were the most useful in my report. Compared to other scholarly sources like books, the academic journals contain up to date data that is critical in writing informative reports. Ware and Mabe (2015) say that academic journal articles are published periodically and they provide a means for researchers to share their research with the academic community. I found it easier to learn about the given concepts or aspects of the topic from each journal in a more critical compared to other sources. According to Denney and Tewksbury (2013), it is crucial to use academic journal articles when forming a literature review as the journals explore very narrow and specific topics in depth. Besides having current information and being specific, the academic journals have been peer-reviewed and thus contains quality information. According to Delaney, Tamás, Crane, and Chesterman (2016), reviewing of articles by other experts helps in verifying that the methodology that was used is sound and the conclusions valid. This process ensures a high level of quality, which is opposed to newspapers, blogs, and magazines where the editor has the full discretion of information to be published. Reliance on the journal articles further enhances the credibility of one's arguments as it presents a collection of perspectives offered by different authors.

Feedback and Grade

I will get feedback that my research paper is good and I will score the highest grade possible. I believe I did a comprehensive literature review as required on the topic. My research paper was complete, used a wide variety of sources and content was good and informative. I used relevant literature review materials, which, according to Resnik and Elmore (2016), ensures quality fairness and integrity of the research paper. The journal articles enabled me to identify, compare and critique different theories that are critical to recruitment. As required in research papers, I followed the correct format of having an introduction, body, and conclusion in my report (Ary, Jacobs, Irvine and Walker, 2013). As such, I was able to organize my work in a way that is best understood by the readers. With the introduction, I was able to state the thesis, and in the body, I discussed the significance of recruitment and made my conclusion from the discussion in the body. Also, as stated by Daffern, Mackenzie, and Hemmings (2017), I made sure my spelling, grammar, and punctuation are well formatted as they ensured my report was of good quality and that it was easily understandable to readers.

After Receiving Feedback from the Formative Assessment

The feedback from the assessment made me realize that my research paper had shortcomings that reduced the quality of my research. Employing the habits will help polish my skills in research and thus will make me an excellent researcher. First, I will ensure all my research papers have titles. I will ensure that my titles are concise and descriptive. According to Wong and Psych (2016), the title needs to show a functional relationship between the independent and dependent variables. The titles enhance the capacity of a reader to understand a given work, as it offers direction and eases the process of checking up something in the paper. I will improve my formatting skills and ensure that I use a table of content for the research paper. Table of content will enhance the organization of my article. Additionally, I will have an introduction that explicitly shows all factors that will be discussed in the business report. According to Allweyer (2016), the introduction of a research paper gives the first impression that readers receive. Therefore, it should be done perfectly. Also, I will practice having a focused paragraph with assertions based on the paragraph's point. I will be a better researcher if I can use relevant theories. Besides relevancy, I will also critique the theories as well as identify the strengths and weakness that are associated. Green (2014) says that critical analysis of the theories helps in giving direction to the research paper.

Impact of Formative Feedback on Reflection

Before the feedback, I was convinced that I had done a high-quality research paper and that I had employed all the required writing skills needed for high-quality research papers. With the feedback, I have been able to realize the importance of expanding my thinking and critiquing my business research in depth. According to Förster and Souvignier (2014), the formative assessment feedback improves the academic performance of students. Given a chance to redo the business research, I believe that I will be able to do a better job now that I have improved my knowledge on academic writing skill. Just as Melter (2016) provides, I have been able to understand my research topic best, what I have been able to achieve in writing skills as well as what I need to do to improve my writing skills. According to formative feedback has effects on students cognitively, emotionally and psychologically. The formative feedback had a positive impact on me cognitively, emotionally and psychologically. Even though I expected excellent performance I realized there are critical areas I needed to improve to make me a better researcher. The formative feedback was a source of motivation for me. According to Hatziapostolou and Paraskakis (2010), successful formative feedback achieves its objectives of engaging and motivating students.

Impacts of Content and Feedback on the Decision to Pursue the Topic

I am well prepared to continue pursuing the topic "role of recruitment" in my future career. The topic is critical in the current business world, and it is one way that companies can attain sustainable growth. According to Gupta and Jain (2014), better recruitment and selection techniques enhance the performance of the organization. Also, the current world experiences numerous continuous changes which require new exploration of factors that affect the recruitment and selection strategies that will ensure employee efficiency (Yamao and Sekiguchi, 2015). As such, there is a need to research on the topic of recruitment and selection. The feedback I have received will help me enhance the content of my research, which will help me have reliable, informative conclusions, and it will also improve the decision making processes. I have learned to incorporate reliable theories as well the importance of critiquing the theories. Seuring (2012) says that structure and rule-governed procedures make the content and analysis of the content to lead to the formation of highly reliable and valid data. Ability to write reliable content is, therefore, an essential tool for my future career as I pursue the topic.

Value of reflection

Reflection has played a critical role in enhancing my learning. According to Richard, Keen, Hatcher, and Pease (2017) reflection help learners to gain a new understanding by allowing them to examine and interpret new experiences. The reflection has enhanced my awareness and realization of my strong areas in research as well as identification of my weak areas. As such, I can deal with my weak areas and thus improving my research skills. The reflective essay has made me validate my point concerning other academic journals. According to Morreale and Zile-Tamsen (2017), a reflective essay helps individuals to show that propositions in the research are based on experiences and credible facts as opposed to feelings. The reflection has greatly improved personal and professional learning of business research processes. I am now able to apply what I learned in class practically, and I can tell that I have made positive progress in learning how to write reports. According to Helyer (2015), reflection provides a means by which learners can embed the concepts and theories learned into practice, and it also enhances constant thoughts and innovations.


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