Homeostasis and Graves ‘Disease

This essay's talk will center on Graves' disease, one of the illnesses that can lead to an unbalanced homeostasis in a person's body.

A living thing is made up of various levels, and at each level, different things happen to make sure the bodily systems work as they should. (Rosen & Spiegelman, 2006).

For instance, the tissue, cell, organ, molecule, organism, and organ system make up an entire organism.

All of these put together create a whole person whose body is able to coordinate different functions and stay busy. This is attributed to a homeostatic imbalance that occurs in the bodies of the human being due to lack of balance in fluids, excess hormones as well as sugar (Morimoto & Cuervo, 2009).

Graves' disease is one of the automatic infection that frequently affects the thyroids in human beings, and it forms the primary cause of hyperthyroidism in the body which is accompanied by enlarged thyroid symptoms.

A state in which the thyroid gland produces excess hormones in the body is also another symptom associated with hyperthyroidism. Graves' disease is also known as toxic diffuse goiter (Morimoto & Cuervo, 2009).

Prevention of body imbalance

The imbalances of the body resulting from Graves’ disease usually arise from the lack of proper control of the thyroxine hormone in the body. Therefore, preventing this imbalance involves controlling the amount of thyroxine produced by thyroxine glands into the blood stream (Hanafusa, et al., 1983).

Thyroxine control and body balance

The production as well as the release of the thyroid hormones in the body of human beings is typically monitored or governed by the loop system feedback which is regulated by the hypothalamus, a part of human brain together with the pituitary glands. In the process, the hypothalamus produces the thyrotropin releasing hormone. After this, the thyrotropin carries out the stimulation function of the pituitary glands after which the glands release the thyroid stimulating hormone (Morimoto & Cuervo, 2009). The stimulating hormone afterward stimulates the release of the thyroid hormone into the body system. That is the thyroxine is produced by the thyroid glands.

The production system of the thyroxine hormones is controlled by the negative feedback loop to ensure that at the time amount or standards of the thyroxine, thyroid, as well as the triiodothyronine hormone, rises, the release of thyrotropin releasing hormone and the thyroid stimulating hormone is prevented automatically by the release of the thyroxine release. This way, the body can maintain the level of thyroid hormone in the body at a constant level.

When there is excess thyroxine hormone in the body system caused by overworking of the thyroid gland resulting from Graves’ disease, the thyroid glands are less stimulated hence they stop releasing the hormones. Therefore, this forms a way of regulating body balance arising out of Graves’ disease caused by excess thyroid released into the blood stream (Hanafusa, et al., 1983).

The disruption caused by Graves’ infection in the body of human beings.

The Graves infection normally causes disruption in different ways to the standard functioning of the body system. For instance, swelling of the neck as a result of enlargement of the thyroid glands is a disruption caused by this disease to the normal functioning of the body system. Another disruption caused by Graves’ disease to the normal operation of the body is heat intolerance, loss of body weight, consistency irritability as well as retraction of person eyelids that stares the performance of the body in the normal way (Weetman, 2000).

Roles of thyroxine hormone in the body system

The thyroxine hormone produced by the thyroid glands performs various functions in the body which ensures homeostatic balance is provided in the body. One of its main functions is to regulate the amount of iodine in the body (Weetman, 2000).

Thyroxine hormone governs the amount of iodine in the body through taking away the excess amount of iodine found in food substances we take and converts them to triiodothyronine which can be absorbed quickly by the thyroid cell in the body.

Similarly, the hormone is involved in the digestion of food in human beings, and this ensures that the active function of the heart is maintained as well as the muscles of humans. The development of human brains, as well as the maintenance of the bones, is made perfect by the thyroxine hormone released by the thyroid glands in the body (Hanafusa, et al., 1983).

In summary, balancing of substances in the body serves a very vital function in ensuring the body functions normally.

For instance, there is need to ensure sugar level in the blood is proportionate to the level of water in the body to keep the homeostatic balance for the healthy functioning of cells. For the body to function efficiently and ensure there is balance substances such as hormones needs to be released in a standard amount that cannot cause body malfunctioning. The Graves infection normally causes disruption in different ways to the standard functioning of the body system.


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