Family diversity

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There are various meanings of family diversity. In Western countries family diversity is viewed by a man and woman as old-fashioned marital unions. In contemporary culture, diverse factors contribute to family diversity. The paper thus explains why it is true that in the modern society, as discussed below, family diversity is unavoidable.
Diversity represents a society with a lot of freedom of choice in its lifestyle and community and shifts in practices of marriage, divorce and coexistence. Postmodernism and Postmodernisation; Postmodernist believe that changes in a particular family are unavoidable. People choose to stay without partners nowadays hence leading to an increase in people who are single and since people have become very accepting than before it is much normal to stay alone.
Economic Factors; It is worth noting that, not every person in the UK has not benefited from the increasing wealthy since at the same time there is an escalating cost of living, and specifically there is a high increase as far as the cost of housing is concerned. Hence, one can deduce that an increase in wealth is directly proportional to the cost of living. As a result, they decide to stay with their parents for the rest of their lives.

Feminism: Changing Gender Roles; Late Modernists and Liberal Feminists would state that the increasing number of women going to work is one aspect that makes family diversity inevitable in the current society. Instead of depending on their husbands for financial independence, the chances are high that most women focus on how they would build their career before thinking about how they would come up with a family. Increased financial independence has caused relationships to become fragile hence explaining the reason as to why there is an increase in parents who are single because of divorce.
Social Policies; There exist two vital systems which give more information regarding social policies _x0096_ the 1972 Equal Pay Act as well as 1969 Divorce Act. Also,
Late Modernism; Sociologists in Late Modern argue against the concept of Postmodernists. According to them, the issue of family diversity is not a matter of people having the liberty to choose to stay alone or being single. Altering roles of women and men and changing opportunities of family and relationships life leads to youth taking a long time to concentrate on relationships.

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