Essay on Epic Poem Beowulf

Beowulf: An Ancient English Epic

Beowulf is regarded as one of the greatest achievements of ancient English literature as well as the core European epic language. Beowulf is a Geats prince who is honorable, courageous, and dependable. His grip was comparable to that of a squadron of thirty men. He was an orphan, and because he has no one to conduct himself toward in a familiar manner, he lacks true psychology. Beowulf is a hero who embodies the principles of bravery, asset, admiration, and honor.

The Origin and Preservation of Beowulf

Originally nameless, it was named after the Viking hero Beowulf. It did not exist in print prior to 1815. Beowulf article has been preserved for around 1000 years. The poem comprises of two important portions. It begins in Denmark where King Hrothgar has emaciated for long by monster Grendel, Beowulf, come to drive the monster out of Heorot. The king leaves Beowulf in control. At night, Grendel emanates from the uplands and deals with Beowulf who won the battle. Jubilation follows the day after. At dark, Grendel's mother appears to avenge her son. Beowulf then goes after her and kills slays her while she was in the cave. After celebrations, Beowulf returns to King Hygelac Geats. King Hygelac demise as well as his son is the highlight of the second portion. The second part covers King Hygelac's death and his son. Beowulf's assume monarchy ruling 50 years. The Dragon appears damaging his land. Elderly Beowulf fights it. The poem ends with Beowulf memorial burial.

The Culture and Importance of Beowulf

The song presents a culture that is involved with a heroic belief. Society participates in, recognizing past as a source to obtain morals. The art suggests that challenge is continuous and death waits. The poem has some importance for today's generation. It also has some Christianity citation in it.

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