EOP Section Example

I live in Tarrant County, Texas which is the sixteenth largest city in the United States and the fifth largest city in Texas. The city is about 350 square miles in size and has a good climate. According to the 2015 census, the town has an estimated population of 833,319 people, with a peak population of 1.5 million over the holiday season. Because of the overcrowding in shopping centers and other social amenity places during certain seasons, we are more likely to notice the rapid spike in population. For proper understanding and planning of Emergency Operations, there should be a purpose that needs to be created (Feme Glossary, 2015). The city authorities offer different emergency services, for instance, there are different fire center districts, and ambulances that can be used in case of emergencies. This sample plan contains the fundamental principles that provide for all the emergencies, incidents, and disasters starting from the local level.

This sample Emergency Operations Program will contain the scope of emergencies and disasters responses for instance, the departments, agencies, citizens, and private stakeholders. The sample will also state the geographical areas and jurisdictions that this sample plan applies to. Overview of the situations will define these sample-planning guidelines. It is necessary to create a sample emergency operations program plan so that it will be easier to demonstrate how to deal with these emergencies in case they arise. This idea is similar to the footprint of dealing with emergencies in case they occur.

Emergency Operations Plan Purpose:

This plan will act as guideline tool that will be used before, during and after disasters that require emergency responses. This will apply to all incidents that occur within my city and will be aimed at minimizing or completely eradicating the loss of property and life during the occurrence of any event.

The plan will also provide the directions and control of response behavior of the public and public corporation before, during, and after the incidents that require emergency operations occur.

This sample plan will state the roles, the responsibilities, the structure and the communication model for all the people who are involved in the emergency operation before, during, and after the incidents occur.

The plan will also give a guideline on how the available resources will be utilized so that they can be properly used before; during and after the incidents or disasters occur. The available resources that are dedicated towards the emergency operations will guide this.

The plan will also include sources of information that are basic and information that is necessary for the accomplishment of the emergency operations.

The information will also be required for the preparation, response to the operations and recovery from the incidents.

In this plan, the term disaster stands for the emergencies, incidents, and disasters that are caused by natural occurrences or fabricated events that include technological hazards.

Mitigation includes the activities that are designed to eliminate the risks that are posed to property or people. Mitigation will also try to lessen or eliminate the potential consequences and effects of a disaster. Mitigation can be done through giving information about disasters, educating the public, government officials and private businesses on measures that they need to take in case of an emergency so that they can reduce the loss that can be experienced or even reduce the injuries. Preparations and preparedness of the stakeholders to respond to disasters protect against failures and the way to recover from the disasters (Developing and Maintaining)

Emergency Operations Plans, 2010)

The process of preparedness should be continuous, as at all times we need to be prepared for all emergencies and plan on how to tackle them. Preparation will ensure that the stakeholders who are involved in EOP know the disaster that can occur and the way that they can tackle them.

Hazards are the disasters the events that when they occur emergency operations are required to recover from them. They are occurrences or conditions that are physical that have the potential to cause loss of property or loss of lives. Hazards cause many interruptions, for instance, they cause disruption to business or operations. They cause harm and loss of assets. The response is the activities that address the effects from the incident, mostly the problems that are addressed are the short-term problems. The activities include the actions that are taken to protect further loss of property, save lives that are at a risk of being lost, and prevent any other unfavorable outcomes that should be avoided.

Emergency Operations Plan, Scope, and Situation:

The EOP plan will work in Fort Worth City, which is located at the Central North of Texas State. The City covers about 356 square miles and a population of people close to 1 million. The highways of this city link the South and the North; there are about 15 barriers throughout the city.

The emergency medical services that are provided in this town are provided by the hospitals that are located all over the city and ambulance services that are furnished by the government and the private players. There are also law enforcers throughout the city. More than 120 schools are spread throughout the city. The primary medical system and health care provider in the city is John Peter Smith Hospital that employees many physicians and has several campuses that serve people from all over the city.

Emergency Operations Plan Assumptions:

Several things are to be taken into considerations when creating the plan. These things include the probability or the known risks of a disaster happening. The likelihood and the risk are created or generated from the historical data that has been collected over time on the accidents that have occurred. There is need to prepare for incidents such as terrorism, biological, chemical or hazmat events that can lead to inevitable accidents. Training over the methods that can be used to prevent the loss that come through these catastrophes. There is also need for avoiding the over-dependence on a particular system that if it fails an accident occurs.

There is also a high risk of natural disasters occurring in our city. The city is prone to strong blowing winds and hurricanes that can lead to losing of life and loss of property. This means that an elaborate emergency operation plan to solve such emergencies and prepare for them before they occur, natural disasters such as earthquakes and tornadoes occur without warning. To deal with such disasters, we need to be prepared and have a plan to eliminate or reduce the effects of such natural disasters when they occur.

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