Dissonance describes the various types of conflicts resulting from various beliefs and attitudes that people concurrently hold. (Wiafe, I., Nakata, K., & Gullive, 2014). Evidently, the inner drive that drives people's assertiveness and opinions about whether to keep peace or wage war is the immediate source of dissonance. The disruption of equilibrium, such as the application of autocorrelated shocks to the learners, would cause the students to gain awareness and the desire to engage in scholastic activities as the only means of success. Indeed, the constructivism results to the subjective reality among the learners since the educators have the noble task of nurturing the curiosity of students while enhancing their motivation, autonomy, and self-regulation (Begg, 2015). As a result, their intervention creates the individuality. The approaches of constructivism can be accomplished in class since the instructor's delegate and incorporate learners towards self-internalization of the knowledge. In defining general science for eighth graders, I would group the pupils by mixing them, both bright and low performing so that they can mutually benefit from the other.

Part 2

Teachers should not generate discomfort in children as outlined in the Piaget's postulation on the equilibrium. The model describes that students are satisfied with their mode of thinking when in a state of balance (PIAGET'S, 2014) However, this should appear as the least case since it would create negative partialities and bad manners on learners. Teachers would incorporate the methods in courses that promote equilibration by developing the open questions seeking to evaluate the general knowledge of those who are learning. On the other hand, the educators would emphasize on the core issues to the learners so as to help reinforce the concepts and achieve accommodation. Both Malcolm and the Piaget equilibrium advocates for the self-internalization of concepts. Notably, both the models relate to the constructivism because they all allow the individual learning with minimum intervention of the educators. The adults have the chances of showing more likelihood of learning in future following the maturity than children. As a result, the theoretical similarities between old and young stage calls for the designation of the variability of instructions between the two classes.

Part 3

The people in our field of education are held accountable by various stakeholders. First are the policy makers from the government who scrutinizes the actions of the educators and the compliance to the set rules. Also, the public is in a close monitor of the activities within the schools including the mode of teaching and financial practices. The methods of evaluation are appropriate given that the community through the set committee gives the credible info on the progress of the institution. Furthermore, they are much fair in their actions.

Part 4

Besides using the community and the policy makers to conduct the evaluation, the government would set a group comprising the experts in a different field, like teaching and financial records to conduct an independent assessment in various areas. Instead of using the policy members to carry the entire evaluation, it would be vital using specialists in the field.


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