Difficulties during Pregnancy for Baby’s Development

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However, it is particularly dangerous during pregnancy as it can raise labor and carry a low weight infant. In the modern world, many people feel great stress. Since stress can impact the health of a child adversely, a potential mother should learn to minimize her amount. To relieve the burden, follow pieces of advice: do relaxed activities such as yoga, deep respiration, sick holidays, or, if possible, take work home, eat healthy foods, sleep overnight, attend a support group, or see the recovery team when stress is constant. Premature birth is the birth of a baby who is under 37 month of age. Preterm birth can lead to numerous problems, such as difficulties in mental and physical development, long-term disabilities that include hyperacidity, cerebral palsy and autism. Autism severely limits an individual’s ability to communicate and connect to other people; other disabilities include hearing or sight loss and dental problems. In case of premature birth, a mother and a baby should spend much time at a special care nursery and follow doctor’s instructions regarding baby care.

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Every mother wants to have a healthy child; however drug and alcohol abuse highly increases a risk of health problems for a baby. Most of the substances that a mother takes are passed to a baby through placenta, hence alcohol and all illegal drugs should be avoided during the pregnancy.


To conclude with, it is important to observe mother’s health during pregnancy and lactating period, avoid stresses and harmful substances, as it will help to prevent health problems and provide a safe development of a child.


Hofman, Paul L., et al. “Premature birth and later insulin resistance.” New England Journal of Medicine 351.21 (2004): 2179-2186.

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