Design Argument

The world, which includes the planet Earth and all of life on it, is a beautiful place to be, but most people are unaware of how it came to be. Furthermore, many individuals are unaware of when and who created the cosmos as a whole. According to theologians, these questions are not restricted. Scientists and philosophers, among others, have also been preoccupied.

Furthermore, throughout history, a few of great minds have pondered the appearances of order, function, and design in the world, leading them to ask if there is a mind behind absolute beauty and order. For example, a thing like a watch which also displays order, the function and design as well bears the same scenario as compared to the world. There exist a similarity between the world and the watch because both of them display order, function, and design.

The reason that makes watch to be important thus show the order, function, and design is that the designer specifically designed them to be in such a way. Likewise, the world too displays order, function, and design because the designer also created it to be in that way too. Artefacts designers also are fallible, finite, and at times mere incompetent copycats; they run through drafts severally before picking the best design. Certain appeals are obvious in this argument. One of the assumptions is that the world came into existence due to a cause hence regards the world as an effect.

Formalizing the argument

The world shows order, function, and design.

Order, function, and design are exhibited in other things such watches.

Creation of other things by designers who are intelligent such as watches to enable them to show order, function, and design.

Therefore, it is highly agreeable that the world was created by God who in this case is an intelligent creator because the same world displays order, function, and design.

From the teleological argument, I totally believe that God do exist, this is true according to the following facts: The scriptures roots

It is evident that the scriptures contain the divine design of the world that are majorly classical theists of religion. For example, in the Old Testament Psalms 19:1 to both Christianity and Judaism, reveals that "The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament shows his handiwork." Similarly, in the Romans New Testament states:

That God is known to everyone because He has clearly shown Himself to them. Despite His eternal power and divine nature existing since creation of the world, it is thought to be invisible but they have been understood clearly and categorised as the things He made. So creation of excuses is of no importance.

The verses do not specify or indicate the features or properties of the world to be evident as God’s intelligence nature, but each assumes that the features that the world displays are readily discernible because of the existence of an agent behind it.

Furthermore, there exists an argument that claims very strongly concerning the end and processes explanations. Thus there is the presence of an intelligent being who processes towards its end or directing the systems; the operations consists of all the natural bodies which are only operated by the intelligent being alone.

The efficient cause of the nature is the second way of God’s existence. We find efficient causes to be in order according to our senses because no such a thing exists because it came into existence from itself and not from a cause hence seen as being before itself, in this case, it’s entirely impossible. Inefficient causes to go to infinity is not possible because there is an order that is to be followed in all efficient causes, the immediate cause being the first one which in turn is the one which is referred to as the ultimate cause whether the direct cause is only one or several. Taking away a cause will result in taking away the effect as well.

Therefore, if there is no first cause among efficient causes, it will lead to no availability in intermediate or the ultimate cause. Inefficient causes the possibility to go to infinity, thus in this case the first efficient cause will not be present also the ultimate effect and efficient causes that are intermediate will be falsely plain. Therefore, in the first efficient cause, it is necessary to admit that God does exist.

The third reason is the language of analogy for example:

1. A dog is faithful

2. The person is faithful

3. God is faithful.

The word ‘’faithful’’ in the above statements has been used for a dog, a person and of God.

Most people do agree that ‘’ A dog is faithful’’ phrase has a meaning. In this case, most people don’t know the truthfulness of the sense of a dog to be faithful because we don’t pose a dogs-eye –view of such a situation hence people agrees that the ‘’ A dog is faithful’’ phrase has no meaning. ‘’Faithful’ in this case is the language of analogy, and its significance in the three statements above is not identical neither is it misleading it occupies rather a ground which is middle in kind between the two. In a nutshell, dog’s faithfulness is because it is far viewed as a dog, human beings’ being faithful is because of their capacity to be faithful, and God is faithful according to the infinite capacity of God to be faithful.

In the argument, I deny that the world and the artefacts are similar given the reasons that the world does display function, order, and design. For example, a proponent can point out that some of the things that also do display function, order and design in this case things like the human digestive system, eyes, photosynthesis, the laws of nature, the weather, etc. do not seem to display function, order, and design.

When one looks at the Fallacy of Composition which is where a conclusion view is from different parts of something contains certain attributes that are made from almost its entire whole thus claims it to have attributes that are similar to it. Thus, one denies that the artefacts and the world (i.e. the universe as a whole) both exhibits order, function, and design.

In conclusion, in my opinion from the design argument, it considerably gives a weight that God do exists because the universe being both intelligible and intricate. Thus both are accurate and sophisticated, on the contrary, there are numerous objections from many other arguments that God do exists.

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