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The death penalty has existed for a long time, even during the medieval period when kings hanged criminals when it was not yet recognized as the death penalty. Others condemn the death penalty, although others support it. Despite the fact that the death penalty has been in use for many years, many people are opposed to it (Kende 35). The above is due to it being unethical, inhumane, or contrary to their religious beliefs and views. Some people, on the other hand, believe it is politically motivated. Some nations, such as Japan, have a low homicide rate but use the death penalty as a deterrent. This paper would argue that the death penalty can not be repealed for a variety of purposes. In the United States, I steadfastly believe that the death penalty should not be repealed.

Of all the legal punishments for prisoners, the death penalty is possibly the most controversial form of capital punishment (Megivern 48). For some individuals, it is an unkind way to take revenge, and for other people, it is the ideal solution as a chastisement. The death penalty has several ways of taking effect, and an example is a case where the gas chamber in which the prisoner is seated then the room is flooded with a toxic gas. Another example is a situation whereby electric current is used to kill the prisoner.

As stated earlier, the death penalty has existed for several decades, and most countries have banned and removed it. Moreover, the sentence is still in existence in some states in the United States who still enforce such a policy. Such cruel methods in the past have been utilized to punish criminals who commit severe crimes such as acts of terrorism, rape, and murder. The main aim of carrying out the death penalty is to deal with offenders in the community to get rid of them since the society does not have hope in them. More often than not this kind of capital punishment is meant to prevent the criminals from committing crimes, make them pay for their offenses and to deter other offenders from committing the same mistakes or offenses (Kende 49).

Various reasons make me establish and argue that death penalty should not be abolished. In the United States, this type of capital punishment has proven to reduce the number of murder rates (Meranze 12). Economically, it is better to put a human being to death than sending and keeping him or her in the penitentiary. The only way that individuals will feel comfortable and satisfied is when the felon is executed (Meranze 16).

Secondly, the death penalty is for murderers to pay for their offenses. Individuals who commit any severe crime like terrorism act, rape or murder are well thought out to be dangerous people in the society. In this case, such individuals should have their privileges taken away and be put away for life. Sentencing them to death is another better solution so that the community would not have to get worried about them any longer (Williams 74). A say goes “an eye for an eye,” meaning that felons should be executed by the federal government when they kill an innocent person. For instance, a murderer who kills another person should receive an equal penalty as well meaning that they will be executed.

A murderer is executed so that innocent lives are saved, and it’s not only that the felon is being punished for the past offenses. From deterrent statistics, it can be deduced that executions reduce the rates of murder for two primary reasons. That is, people will not kill due to the fear is being executed, and the murderer will not be in a position to kill again (Williams 78). Research has shown that there have been more than 6,000 cases establish that demonstrates that many innocent lives have been saved by trepidation of being executed. The death penalty in Delaware is utilized more than in any other state, and it can be confirmed that there are fewer murders in this state than in other areas. On the other hand, Washington DC records the most crimes committed since death penalty does not exist. Indubitably, this means that death penalty or execution saves lives.

To sum up, the death penalty should not be abolished. This paper presented various reasons why death penalty as a capital punishment should not be repealed in the United States. The justice system of the country has held the penalty for many years and therefore making me see no reason for removing it. If capital punishment does not exist, then the offenders will have no fear to commit serious crimes which can be detrimental to the nation and the citizens as well. With these said the states should not be allowed to utilize the money raised by taxpayers on prisons that are failing compared to those in foreign nations. I believe the emotional anger should be put away and people should think of what is best for the country so that the facilities are not crowded with murderers or criminals who are not sympathetic. Abolishing death penalty will be a tremendous mistake since murderers will not stop their criminal acts. Therefore, the United States should re-evaluate the justice system regarding punishment and severity of crimes.

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