criticism of how Islam is portrayed in media

Muslims and Media Stereotypes

Muslims have consistently been compared to terrorist organizations in American media coverage of terrorism disasters. Islam is now more feared around the globe as a result of American efforts to combat terrorism. The response of media sources reflects this rise. However, some stations intentionally work to portray Islam favorably. In the KQED forum, Michael Krazny has been one of the media figures who has been at the vanguard of understanding and combating Islamophobia. The radical and insurgent nature of Muslims who support jihad is a prevalent media stereotype. American media houses claim that the religious group plans to have holy war targeted to the west. The stereotype associates violence with Islam. According to media, Islam cannot be separated from violence.

The Beliefs and Modernity of Muslims

Christopher de Bellaigue counters the common belief that Muslims are not enlightened. He disregards claims that Islam is not reformed or modern. His approach is similar to that of Edward Said. Said also addresses western science which is regarded as cool and relatively detached. Many westerners hold to the belief that Muslims are strangers to modernity. Such representation distances Islam as an alien nation. In this forum, Christopher argues that white house's populist have no point in stating that Muslims cannot be reformed. According to him, the claims are awkward because evidence shows that even the most influential Muslims embraced modernity. They only changed their views during World War 1.

Religious Beliefs and Media Misrepresentation

In this forum, Christopher has the chance to explain that religious beliefs are important to people. The Host, Michael Krazny, questions the radical nature of Islamic religion. Americans have a wrong picture of the Middle East. Michael Said says that they associate it with terrorism and oil issues. Said criticizes the media approach of associating the religion with war. I think that this narrative gives Americans a good chance of examining their society. It is also possible for Christians to be radicalized. This could be happening to many citizens in the US. As people struggle to modernize and liberalize the society, they should ensure that all people are included in his movement. Christopher defends the Muslims by saying that they are ready to adopt modernization. Disenfranchising them does not bring solutions.

Female Circumcision and Islamic Practice

When the Christopher is questioned on female circumcision, he dismisses it as having no direct association with Islam. It is true that the primitive practice predates Islam. Actually it’s mentioned in the Quran. Where Muslims practice it, they defend it as an Islamic act. People of coming generations continue to practice it believing that it’s an Islamic act. Although Bellaigue dissociates the act with Islam, he should have clarified why female genital mutilation is practiced by lower status women under Sharia law. FGM is meant to reduce sexual pleasure in women. Men reason that women cannot control themselves. Being a key figure in countering Islamophobia, Bellaigue should have exposed the acts of local Imams who defend the act. On the other hand, I would understand their actions since every religion incorporates certain cultures. A religion should be judged by actions and beliefs of the followers.

Religion and State Separation

Christopher dismisses the slogan of Trump administration that a state cannot be separated from its religion. The government has recently placed bans to protect the country from terrorism. It is true that a few Muslims practice terrorism. Terrorism may be associated with education level, poverty level and population size. I think that a democratic country should allow its residents to think freely and practice their religious acts without fear. Although a few Islamic countries have ruined the world, their actions should not affect other nations. Listeners of this Forum regard this as misinformation and distortion of ideas. They argue that citizens of Islamic states are misled by beliefs which allow them to violate Islam.

Media Distortion and Understanding Islam

Michael Said’s arguments become more popular in the eighties. He recounts events which refresh the memory people. His views highlight how the media has distorted American view of Islam. The attitude towards American Muslims change post 9/11. There is reported increase in crises against Muslims. As the population adjusted, there was a rise in stereotypes associated with Muslim community. Most of the listeners in this forum have the same stereotype. Since Muslims are a part of the American society, discrimination affects them greatly. Greater understanding of the values of Islam could reduce the widespread prejudice.

Works Cited

Christopher, de Bellaigue. Christopher de Bellaigue Counters Islamophobia in New History of Islamic Enlightment Michael Krazny. 4 May 2017. KQED Forum.

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