Critical Essays

In the Critical Essay 1

Two lenses; the "Place" and "Moving to the City" have been used to get an understanding of the other subject. Students were required to use the assigned studying to describe how it was important in appreciating another text, for instance, a person, a factor or a particular event. The same concept will follow for Critical Essays Two and Three. For this particular paper, four readings must be used; "Place," "Moving to the City," "Disney World," and "Are You My Mother?" the assigned texts have been study in class, and the students are required to analyze them to help in understand different perspectives.

Major Approaches

There are two major approaches that are applied when the use of two texts to analyze other readings of choice that are not in the same context or are not part of the ones that are used in class. It is important to note that reading does not always have to explicitly about someone or something. Sometimes, it can have a reference to other general issues. For the first essay, personal selection of the text for analysis allows the students to write about something they are passionate about. This is why most learners find it easy to use this method as it will enable them to focus on readings that match their interests and hence easy to relate. This approach is best used when the texts are not linked and do not discuss similar concepts. For instance, both Bruch and Willis wrote about class and status. The practical use of such readings requires the leaner to provide discussions in various contexts to explain the difference. As an English teacher, my interest is in student writing and therefore, I can focus on an argument that Bruch is impacting the language of the leaners. I can pair this idea with the concept in Moonrise kingdom that official language can be used to cover up dangerous realities. Then, I can select a student's academic paper and analyze it to determine the use of formal language in masking the truth. This analysis can work when the students are required to write and reveal reality.

The Analysis of Texts

The analysis of texts is essential in understating similar contexts or relating it to other readings that are outside the text. However, linking one reading to another has proved to be difficult for most learners who have reported that the similarity of ideas and themes confuses them. Students need to understand that when two readings have universal concepts, it creates a clear apprehension from different perspectives. The approach that many learners enjoy is that where they are required to use a text to appreciate and explain something that is not in the context of the writer's view. This becomes easy especially when they are allowed to select the texts personally as opposed to assignment to specific ones. Personal choice enables them to write about things that they are passionate about hence it becomes less stressful. This second approach can be used by an English instructor to analyze the extent to which official language which in this case is academic writing can be used to mask reality.

Work Cited

Bechdel, Alison. Are You My Mother?. 2012. Print.

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