Corporate Identity and Crisis Response Strategies

Communication Skills

Communication skills are important since they are essential in promoting organizational development. A less obvious reason why effective communication is important is that employees understand how to modify and develop communication systems inside an organization (Bloch, 2014). Various executive officers from various organizations are eager to improve their organization's information system. Newcomer expertise in modern technology are usually consulted. Hiring technology professionals is a crucial technique that leaders are using to secure the company's development and success. The choice to keep change agents in an organization is determined by the company's management team. In this way, a company managing team chooses to retain agents that can develop and maintain effective communications of an organization. Those who are not fit in the organization laid off.

Practice 2

Most organizations today concentrate their investments in information technology. In some organizations, information technology accounts for about 35%- 50% of the total investments, especially in the United States (Bloch, 2014). The reasons organizations invest heavily in information technology is because there is a huge transition from various industries to an information based financial state. Increased productivity regarding capital simply because there are improved information systems. Investments in information technology are globally accepted because information is shared widely between different economic firms. This makes it a good business venture for obtaining income. There are five crucial types of information shared in different organizations. These key types of information shared include business ideas and objectives, commercial function results, advanced new technologies and opponent`s performance in business organizations. Another factor for investing in information technology is that it facilitates effective communication between individuals or organizations. Good information is a crucial element in communication, and this is the reason organizations are investing in information technology.

Practice 7

Influence informal social networks. A social network is the structure of professional and individual relationships among themselves. Informal networking fundamentally basis on trust, constantly developing. Further, informal networking complements the formal managerial structure of a company. If internal social networking systems are completely lacerated, they complement the formal company, be responsive and more fluid (Noor, Sheng & Bouguettaya, 2014). For managers to leverage social networks, they should be aware of it. Additionally, they should influence it so that companies can boost their communication channels. Leverage is an important aspect that allows managers to yield high returns through the use of little resources.

The Impacts of Technology

Unwavering quality. Electronically transmitting messages may be an additional mechanism and dependable over utilizing letterpress. Messages sent electronically are received immediately. Therefore, the use of technology is fast, convenient and effective means of communication. Additionally, the information lines are secure.

Change in Managerial Functions

There are new methods of avoiding incapacities in managerial systems because of improved communication channels. New political and social skills are now incorporated in companies. The rate of competition monitoring is easy through advanced technology, and this results in higher quality of products in different companies (Noor, Sheng & Bouguettaya, 2014). Technology facilitates increased responsibility in managing an organization. Computer technology is employed in decision-making through data analysis, coordination and control of services within an organization.

The Storage of Data

Many businesses today are using advanced technology to store various kinds of data. Administrators can use these technologies to improve the accuracy when establishing new plans (Noor, Sheng & Bouguettaya, 2014). The technology collects external and internal sources and stores the information. Managers can access the information and use it when making decisions.


Bloch, O. (2014). Corporate Identity and Crisis Response Strategies: Challenges and Opportunities of Communication in Times of Crisis. Wiesbaden, DEU: Springer VS.

Noor, T. H., Sheng, Q. Z., & Bouguettaya, A. (2014). Trust management in cloud services. Cham: Springer.

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