Comparison and Contrast of Sunset Boulevard by Billy Wilder and Judy Grahn's poem "I Have Come to Claim Marilyn Monroe's Body."

The Relationship Between Hollywood and the Works of Grahn and Wilder

The fact that both Grahn and Wilder handle historical topics of great interest to the majority of people is one of the striking similarities between the two works that stands out to the reader right away. The movie Sunset Boulevard discusses problems related to the time period that marked the end of the so-called silent era. On the other hand, Marilyn Monroe was well-known and has kept making news long after her passing. As a result, there appears to be a close relationship between the two works' foundations, which is Hollywood or rather the entertainment industry.

Dark Themes and Interrelated Storylines in Grahn and Wilder's Works

Exploring these two works further reveals some more interesting things. Although both works focus on critical matters or persons related to Hollywood and address some sensitive issues that have been talked about much, there seems to be a common way of doing this, that of using dark themes. Also, there is an interrelation in their storylines and visualization. Also, an avenue that would be interesting to pursue as far as the contrast and comparison of these two works of art is concerned is the issue of objectification and manipulation of women. However, to address this issue, both writers use different approaches. For instance, in "I Have Come to Claim Marilyn Monroe's Body" Gahn talks of how the media were the greatest enemies to women, she even uses violent language to connote meting out punishment for the death of the eight women along with Marilyn. In Sunset Boulevard, on the other hand, Wilder uses Norma Desmond to denote similar traits, but in this case, the men are the victims. All in all, these two works are rich with aspects that can be explored for greater understanding into the art of writing.

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