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Journalism itself is an area that has been with us for such a long time, but it was too dormant in terms of growth until the 1960s. It was at that period that the Americas and the world witnessed so much upheaval in politics, social life and economics, and that the emergence of various forms of journalism began.
Alternative journalism, also known as radical journalism, entails the public representation of news that differs in terms of creation, quality and circulation from conventional media. Alternative journalism has a different target audience most of which is non-commercial and seeks to address the needs of the individuals who have been segregated from the mainstream. Since the reporters tried to avoid the working class, their papers struggled so much to remain afloat and they were therefore faced out. Mother Jones and The progress have served as alternative journalism as they have blurred the line between radicalism and conventional.

Public journalism, also known as civic journalism, was developed in the 1990s and it focuses on democratic processes. The media tends to bring its audience on board and make them more of participants in the process of delivery than just spectators in social and political. The involvement of the participants is usually in form of debates and sometimes interviews. Newspapers using public journalism have reported a very high readership.

Citizen journalism on the other hand is very participatory in its own nature. The participants who in this case are the audience take an active part in the collection of data, analysis of the data and presentation of the information to the public. Mostly, it can be done through the internet and it may involve blogging. Scholars have argued that this type of journalism uses technique that are so different from the mainstream media in terms of newsgathering and dissemination as it relies mostly on alternative sources for its news broadcast. A good example of citizen journalism is the Korea-based OhmyNews.

In conclusion, journalism has been treated more like a lecture and this should not be the case. Instead, it should be a conversation where stakeholders are brought on board and made active in the research and dissemination of the news.

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