Communicating Risk in projects

The initiative is a new effort in the healthcare industry that aims to improve the administration of health-related supplements. The idea has the potential to become a significant industrial wave in the utilization and administration of healthcare drugs. Purnell (2014) claims that numerous challenges have arisen in the administration of health-related products, particularly healthcare drugs, over the last few decades. Among of the issues that have caused worry include cases of improper use and unlawful trafficking, as well as prescriptions for drugs (Ferlie & Shortell, 2001). Hibbard (2003), opines that the issues have brought about great difficulties and with this venture, all these troubles are going to be counteracted or mitigated. Although the initiative presents an element associated with polices, it is going to offer new channels for the generation of income as well. The project will be a new platform for income generation since it is going to be amenable for labeling as well as tagging of similar health-related merchandise for commercial and advertisement applications. The project will additionally establish the building blocks of add-on goods and trigger a tremendous enhancement within the development as well as maintenance of the products because appropriate routine upkeep governs it.


Enhance the quality along with the legitimacy of healthcare products

Minimize fraudulent tactics associated with healthcare products

Enhance the convenience of healthcare items to the public community

Subject medical items/products to the appropriate legislative bodies


Considering that the project is designed to present any healthcare product to the appropriate government policies, it introduces the aspect that it has to be obligatory for any authorized as well as legitimate healthcare establishment to utilize. The scope of the product is anticipated to incorporate all the healthcare property since they are going to necessitate to gain access to the polices by the governing administration. This is valid for both the public as well as private establishments. It is vital that the program/software pertaining to the product be initially developed. This activity is the most crucial aspect associated with the initiative. The gadget calls for effective software that will operate it. In this case, the gadget is going to be developed and wired based on the product classification such as medications. The gadget is expected to be small, and every data or information of the item prescribed has to be installed with the gadget. In developing this item, the similarity, as well as the scope of the product, is going to be a very valuable aspect of incorporating in the project.

Primary Stakeholders


Adams Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Project Sponsor


Project Director

Anita Lee

Project Staff

Brandon McTavish, Melody Blacks, Natasha Anna, James Price.

Project Milestones

The Initiative is going to start off at its preliminary phases from 1st of November 2017 and move forward to the last phase which is anticipated to conclude as at 1st of February 2017. The creating and development phase of the project is anticipated to take approximately half a year while the testing along with troubleshooting phase as well as the market research and evaluation is going to take an additional three months.

Project Budget


Total Cost ($)

Human resource (recurring monthly)


Assessment as well as debugging


Acquisition of tools (non-recurring)





Considering the dynamics of the project, the organization has to work hard due to the following aspects;

The organization has never dealt with this kind of tremendous task.

The staff members may be overworked given that they are needed to double-up both their responsibilities as well as the development of the project.

Interaction throughout this company is inadequate.


To accomplish the objectives of the company, I am going to depend on the following aspects; cohesiveness from team members, expertise, and knowledge of the healthcare industry as well as communication coaching from the new Chief Executive Officer.


Expense of project

The organization might encounter challenges in ground payments

Efficiency of the project

there is a worry regarding whether the organization is going to develop the expected project

Cohesiveness from administrators

Considering that I am new, winning the trust, as well as the corporation of the administrators, is going to take some time.

Inadequate policy

The organization is required to increase the number of the workforce

Insufficient initiative

This is due to extra work for staff members

Inadequate motivation

The workforce has to be offered an income increment

Short time limit

Half a year may be short for the finalization of venture

Elevated levels of competition

Other organizations possess more expertise and knowledge and present a stiff level of competition

Safety of the project

The project is susceptible to malevolent cyber attacks

Computer compatibility

The venture may be incompatible with different programs and computing devices

Insufficient experience

The organization does not have adequate expertise in this kind of project.

Industry forces

The existing economic climate might not have the capacity to support the venture in case demand decreases.

Evolution of technological innovations

More sophisticated technological innovations might overpower the venture.

Technical complications

Functionality might come with technical issues.

Insufficient expertise

Most of the staff members possess little experience on this kind of venture.


Ferlie, E. B., & Shortell, S. M. (2001). Improving the quality of healthcare in the the United Kingdom and the United States: a framework for change. The Milbank Quarterly, 79(2), 281-315.

Hibbard, J. H. (2003). Engaging health care consumers to improve the quality of care. Medical care, 41(1), I-61.

Purnell, L. D. (2014). Guide to culturally competent health care. FA Davis.

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